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Carrington Event, CMEs, Super Solar Flare, and Micro-Novas
I'm not sure if any of you have ever heard of The Carrington Event of 1859, or the possibility of a super flare in the near future, but they occasionally happen, and nobody has but a timetable on them.  They could be random, and are related to the sunspot cycle.  There is also another solar explosion, called a "Micro-Nova", which we are just beginning to study more closely.  They appear to be going on all over the galaxy and it looks like our own star, a known Variable Star,  has its own series of novas, or super solar flares, and Coronal Mass Ejections.  We used to believe our sun was mildly problematic, but now it looks like it is far from that.

What Was the Carrington Event? - The Most Powerful Solar Storm on Record

What if Earth Was Hit by a Giant Solar Flare?

157 years ago, a massive solar storm rocked our planet and we barely noticed. Today, it would be devastating

A massive solar storm could wipe out almost all of our modern technology without warning
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Giant solar flare was the disaster invoked in the movie Knowing, starring Nicolas Cage. I have some theological quibbles with the movie, but I think it was a great movie, nonetheless.
(01-30-2019, 02:00 PM)Ron Lambert Wrote: Giant solar flare was the disaster invoked in the movie Knowing, starring Nicolas Cage. I have some theological quibbles with the movie, but I think it was a great movie, nonetheless.

Ron, the interesting thing is that the more I study science and astronomy, the more I am convinced that our greatest danger, as a species, is from our own sun.  It seems that the science community is finally coming around to realizing this very thing, but abandoning existing 'cut and dried' dogma, is a very hard thing to do.  Its independent thinkers who are dragging the rest of that community, crying and screaming, to this realization.

Another thing that intrigues me is this phrase "End of the World".  What almost everyone really means is the "End of the World as we know it".  I'm sure the Younger Dryas Event is just one of many "End of the World" events, which has influenced humanity.  And the very fact that there are so many of them, along with solar catastrophes.  Tales of these "End of the World" events appear all over the planet, among ancient as well as primitive cultures.  So, dismissing them, out of hand, seems to be more than premature.  

And they appear to be cyclical as well as random.  But for some reason, the sun is the one thing that seems to be part of them, and almost certainly with good cause.   That's why I have little problem in acknowledging the presence of solar Micro-Novas, and Super-Solar Storms.  I can see where this very thought can be so frightening, because there is the realization that here is something we, as humans, have absolutely no control.  

Anyway, I find this entire line of thinking to be very interesting.  Spiteful

Also, I wonder why Chan Thomas' "The Adam and Eve Story" was classified by the CIA, and then just recently released in a "sanitized" version, with parts removed?  Why would they do something like that?

The Next End of the World | C.I.A. Classified

This fellow has an interesting Catastrophe Cycle set of videos.  I'll post them as I finish with each one.
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Here is another interesting video by the "Suspicious0bservers" fellow, where he begins a series outlining historical Solar Catastrophes, involving the sun.  

Earth Catastrophe Cycle | Stories to Tell

Also, from 2012: Wired:1 in 8 Chance of Catastrophic Solar Megastorm by 2020

Quote:THE EARTH HAS a roughly 12 percent chance of experiencing an enormous megaflare erupting from the sun in the next decade. This event could potentially cause trillions of dollars’ worth of damage and take up to a decade to recover from.

Such an extreme event is considered to be relatively rare. The last gigantic solar storm, known as the Carrington Event, occurred more than 150 years ago and was the most powerful such event in recorded history.

That a rival to this event might have a greater than 10 percent chance of happening in the next 10 years was surprising to space physicist Pete Riley, senior scientist at Predictive Science in San Diego, California, who published the estimate in Space Weather on Feb. 23.

“Even if it’s off by a factor of two, that’s a much larger number than I thought,” he said.

Earth’s sun goes through an 11-year cycle of increased and decreased activity. During solar maximum, it’s dotted with many sunspots and enormous magnetic whirlwinds erupt from its surface. Occasionally, these flares burst outward from the sun, spewing a mass of charged particles out into space.

Small solar flares happen quite often whereas very large ones are infrequent, a mathematical distribution known as a power law. Riley was able to estimate the chance of an enormous solar flare by looking at historical databases and calculating the relation between the size and occurrence of solar flares.

The biggest solar event ever seen was the Carrington Event, which occurred on Sept. 1, 1859. That morning, astronomer Richard Carrington watched an enormous solar flare erupt from the sun’s surface, emitting a particle stream at the Earth traveling more than 4 million miles per hour.

When they hit the Earth’s atmosphere, those particles generated the intense ghostly ribbons of light known as auroras. Though typically relegated to the most northerly and southerly parts of the planet, the atmospheric phenomenon reached as far as Cuba, Hawaii, and northern Chile. People in New York City gathered on sidewalks and rooftops to watch “the heavens … arrayed in a drapery more gorgeous than they have been for years,” as The New York Times described it.
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A Catastrophe We're Not Ready For: Solar Storms

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Its really amazing what we can read from ice cores and tree rings, by just studying isotopes and their orientation. Now, we know that Carrington type events are not as big as others that have been shot out of the sun and directed at this planet.

[Image: image_6983-Solar-Proton-Event.jpg]

Quote:Solar Super-Storm Hit Earth 2,610 Years Ago

Quote:Our Sun sometimes produces highly energetic particles, which are accelerated either by magnetic reconnection in solar flares or by shock waves associated with coronal mass ejections.

Such energetic particles then follow trajectories along the interplanetary magnetic field lines, which together with the location of the event on the Sun, determine whether these particles hit the Earth’s atmosphere.

These phenomena, called solar proton events (SPEs), represent a threat to modern society in terms of communication and navigation systems, space technologies, and commercial aircraft operations.

Evidence of such events is recorded in annually resolved natural archives, such as tree rings and ice cores (drilled samples of ice).
The material contained evidence of a very powerful solar storm that occurred in 591 BC.

“If that solar storm had occurred today, it could have had severe effects on our high-tech society,” Professor Muscheler said.

It is only the third such event reliably documented and is comparable with the strongest SPE detected at 775 CE.

“We also took part in research that confirmed the existence of two other massive solar storms, using both ice cores and the annual growth rings of old trees,” Professor Muscheler explained.

“Those storms took place in 775 CE and 994 CE.”

“Even though these massive solar storms are rare, our discovery shows that they are a naturally recurring effect of solar activity,” he added.

“That’s why we must increase society’s protection again solar storms.”

Our tranquil sun isn't quite as tranquil as we once thought. Shock
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How long do such Solar events last? If we put Faraday cages around everything important, how long before we can emerge from our caves and use them again?
(03-13-2019, 01:04 PM)WmLambert Wrote: How long do such Solar events last? If we put Faraday cages around everything important, how long before we can emerge from our caves and use them again?

what's interesting is that there appear to be several different levels of solar eruptions taking place here. And this is where the belief that this sun periodically gives up novas that are predictable. I wish I could remember which of the many articles of late where I have read about all this, but on one it appears that there is evidence of the sun experiencing an nova about every 12,500 years, with the next one due around 2047-48.
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