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Christmas in Moscow's Red Square

The Russians don't have a problem with political correctness as we do in North America. This is what Montreal looked like when I was a kid.
The true purpose of democracy is not to select the best leaders — a clearly debatable obligation — but to facilitate the prompt and peaceful removal of obviously bad ones. 
(12-17-2018, 06:02 PM)Canuknucklehead Wrote: The Russians don't have a problem with political correctness as we do in North America.

I'm wondering actually what %-age of the population are actually religious vs those who simply like things to appear like in a good Christian (or something else) country.... suspect that the latter is much higher.

But Yes, no political correctness whatsoever. 

(Going offtopic entirely S6)

To me this matters more in literature and movies.  As one example, I do read a lot of Sci-Fi...  cannot anymore read it in English, since everything from 1950s and 1960s is already read more than once, and there is nothing current worth spending time on ... but Russian Sci-Fi is at least on the level of what the Golden Age SF was and often is superior.

As one example: time travel, let's go back and replay the history.  Of course, one can send the hero anywhere ... but let's choose a place familiar to you.. how about US, 1860? 

So.. who do we have on this? Harry Harrison? -- trash, not plausible.  F-grade.  Turtledove? -- way too PC for me, ... ok C-.  

Well, I've been reading a three volume saga which was quite realistic -- good research there -- the last week... and absolutely non-PC.... 

(I still have to recheck on the characters ... for some reasons the author is negative not just on Lincoln, but also on many of the Confederate figures.. so the 3rd volume ends with a soft coup against not-up-to-the-task Davis.  But the choice of the replacement president .. still not sure why him.)
What is the series?
Have a Gneiss Day!
It would not do you any good -- it is not in English!

Vlad Polyakov, the Confederate, 1. The Confederate 2. The Wind from the South. 3. Birth of a Nation.

Really, too bad, I would not mind at all hearing your opinion on the alternative scenarios of early major battles. 1860 and 1861 are pretty close to the reality, 1862 (which is the 3rd book) diverges a lot.
the 4th book -- promised to be written in spring -- is likely to be a war with the UK.

I'm not translating it -- not just because it is lots of work... it is actually tempting .. but because I probably will get arrested or killed for doing this. non-PC as I said. Lincoln in the book does not smell good at all, and Judah Benjamin is not much better.

One thing that annoys me with Turtledove is that anyone can win any war with an unlimited supply of AKMs... this is just not interesting. What can be done with local resources and a bit of general knowledge is more entertaining, one can at least think if this is feasible or not.

I'll try to remember the name of the chap he advances as a better leader than Davis .

PS> Remembered -- Beauregard.
Sodomia delenda est


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