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Ontario sends wolves to Michigan
Howls of delight as Ontario sends wolves to Michigan to help with moose over-population

Wolves don't just eat moose, what's wrong with issuing more moose tags to hunters?
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Great news! A couple of things here.  First, the authorities have been trying for decades now to reintroduce gray wolves back into the ecology.  Humans have killed off the original population.  So they are trying to reestablish them again.  

But secondly, they used the wrong picture to add to their article.  The knuckleheads did not insert a wolf.  Instead, they placed a hybrid wolf-coyote mixture.  That picture is of a 'Coywolf', which I wrote about on another thread.  

Here's another coywolf.  The coywolf has a muzzle closely related to its coyote cousin.  The entire cranium is more gracile.  They just look different.

Perhaps they will reintroduce more wolf genes into the hybrid, which has spread out all over the eastern region of North America.  S5

[Image: coywolf-eric-dresser.jpg?ve=1&tl=1]
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