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Major Lawsuits Against Tech Giants Google, Facebook, Twitter, Etc.
Finally, the Right is going after the major tech giants, that have been caught willfully discriminating against them on the internet.  This is following the revelation of just how these companies have purposefully, AND collectively been going after the 'so called' Conservative Right.  Now the Right is using the legal system to punish them monetarily for their transgressions.

The Whore Media has been very quiet about all this, because they fear they may also be drug into this entire Charlie Foxtrot.  My guess is that there will be a series of major lawsuits, made by those directly discriminated against.  Conservatives, such as Dennis Prager, Ben Shapiro, and others will also be going after all of these major tech companies, because the proof is laid bare already.

This is the first in what will almost certainly be a series.  Once a precedent is established, the floodgate will be wide open.   S22

Quote:Google, Twitter, Facebook, Apple slapped with class-action lawsuit over conservative censorship

Social Media Opens a New Window.  and search giants are being hit with a class-action lawsuit from a pro-Trump group who claims that they conspired against Conservatives.

Freedom Watch, which promotes right to privacy among other causes,  claims that Facebook, Google, Twitter and Apple violated antitrust laws.

“Our YouTube account on Google never gets above 49 thousand,” said Larry Klayman, the group’s founder, during an interview on FOX Business’ “Varney & Co.” on Tuesday.  “It goes up, it goes down. That’s been going on for about six months,” he claimed while adding that other conservative groups and interests are also experiencing the same issues.

Klayman, a former antitrust lawyer who helped break up AT&T’s telephone monopoly during the Regan administration, also alleged the tech companies collaborated to restrain trade.

“There’s also a concept of conscious parallelism,” he said.  “When companies move in tandem in parallel fashion that do the same thing that can be restraint of trade. So we believe there’s an actual agreement between these leftist owned media giants like Google, Twitter, YouTube etc.,” he explained.

The lawsuit follows President Trump’s public lashing against big tech last week for what he described as a  “very antitrust situation” and it comes as Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Facebook Opens a New Window.  Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg prepares to get grilled on Capitol Hill over their company’s role in the 2016 presidential election on Wednesday.

Here's a Klayman interview, where he discusses this issue to "The Next Generation Network".

BOOM! BILLION DOLLAR Hammer Dropped on Google, Facebook, Twitter After Censoring Conservatives!!!

--- SCHiST Happens! ---

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