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Detroit Tigers Announcer team suspended after altercation
Mario Impemba and Rod Allen, who are in their 17th year as the main TV broadcast team for the Detroit Tigers, got into a physical altercation Tuesday Sept. 4, and Fox Sports has announced their suspension for the rest of the season. Matt Shepherd and Kirk Gibson have filled in thus far. The Detroit News said the altercation was "the culmination, perhaps, of long-stewing tensions between the broadcasters."

I have not seen yet any indication of what the issue(s) between them might have been. It is too bad. They were both very likeable TV personalities. Impemba is Italian-American, Allen is African-American and used to be an outfielder for the Seattle Mariners, Cleveland Indians, and spent a few years playing in Japan for the Hiroshima Pro team.

I have not been watching the Tigers' games since it became evident early on that the Tigers were not going to be a winning team this year, after the owner, Mike Illitch, died, and his sons obviously do not care as much about the team except in terms of the bottom line, and began selling off or trading off some of their best players (including J.D. Martinez and pitcher Justin Verlander). In Big League parlance, the Tigers are in a "rebuilding" phase. The only star player they have held on to is Miguel Cabrera, probably because he is the team's franchise player (in the eyes of most fans). Attendance would likely be cut in half if they got rid of him.
I wonder if they are still a TV team? S13
Have a Gneiss Day!
Who, Impemba and Allen, or the Detroit Tigers? S1

Impemba and Allen's contract expires in 2018, and they have been told they are not scheduled for any more broadcasts this year. No one has said anything about next year. I think they are done. For good.

Impemba was the play-by-play announcer, so could be considered the more valuable of the two. Allen just did color. Allen is much bigger physically than Impemba, and was the obvious aggressor. But if the Tigers side with Impemba and bring him back next year, and not Allen, some viewers will automatically assume Fox Sports is showing racial bias. In a market like Detroit, they would not risk that. So it is unlikely Fox News will have anything to do with either of them.
Impemba has a golden voice and does play-by-play adequately. Allen, however, is one of the best color commentators ever. His insight of the game and what is happening on the field is really good. Impemba never seemed to give him his due, and quite often Allen was replaced by a celebrity color commentator, like Kirk Gibson. I don't know what sparked their enmity, but I doubt they could ever work together again.

In Detroit, we are spoiled because we had Ernie Harwell, George Kell, and Van Patrick. Van Patrick also did the Lions, and caused the dictionary to add the pronunciation "her-ass" to harass. He was always yelling how Joe Schmidt's linebackers were harassing the quarterback. He mispronounced it so well that all the other announcers started to use it and it changed the dictionary.

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