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Trump's Trade War Defeat?
Quote:If you will note, Trump always plays rough when he has an upper hand. First of all Mexico, like many other countries, have taken for granted that they could take advantage of the US's desire to allow others get away with an uneven playing field

Playing rough when having an upper hand ? -- this is a description of a truly despicable person. Even most animals do not behave like this, many fish I keep would play rough with individuals of the same strength but not with smaller ones. Fortunately, it is also wrong too, Trump attacks everyone, large or small, male or female, randomly, this is more of an animal behavior... I try not to keep species like this, too messy...

As for Mexico taking advantage : LOL... poor USA S4 this was funny too.

OK, more seriously:

Something very fishy about this entire Mexican tariff story.... there is way more to it, but one of the main things is that it appears that the results of Trump's successful (!) blackmail of Mexico is Mexico agreeing to what they have already agreed to previously, as part of trade negotiations. This was noticed by people on FR already on Friday, and by NY Times on Saturday (large, and surprisingly good article).

As details come out next week, maybe we will learn about an extra item Mexico agreed to now, but I cannot imagine just what it was! Paying for THE WALL ? unlikely, but we will see.

In the absence of such NEW commitment from Mexico (option 1) , the only possible explanations are (2) Staged (3) Totally Insane Trump; I fail to see anything else.

Now, going from theatricals to reality: the illegal immigration is a real issue, and it is an internal problem in the US, curable only by internal options. Neither Trump's wall not the Mexican wall will not solve it in full. Do notice that Poland, for example, does not get many Muslim migrants, and there is no wall on its borders!

there is more, but no time.
fred Wrote:Even CNN is boasting his victories.

Thus be skeptical.

As for both sides winning, this scenario comes to mind:

Dong Kong twits : unless Mexico stops illegals, I'm going to explode a 100 meg nuclear warhead over El Paso.

Few days later, Dong Kong twits: they complied, I would not.

Both sides win.

Sodomia delenda est

mv. That's not how it was.

First Trump promise the US people that he will drop a tariff bombshell over el-Paso, because the trade condition are not fair.
He also promised that he will build a wall with Mexican paying for it.
He said that he will do these two things.

Now he does only one of these two things: Building the Wall. And only a small part of it and without a single pesos from Mexico. This alone is already humiliating.

But he didn't drophis bombshell because Mexico said that they will protect their own southern border. Something that they would do anyway. But Trump realy didn't want Mexico to retaliate against tariffs by sending caravan of stinky latinos "full of problems" up to the US.

And guess what? Trump will end up paying for the Mexican Wall.
Oddly enough, it is possible that the entire thing was not a show.

The latest I hear -- and this needs to be verified yet -- is that Mexico agreed to become a dumping ground for the illegals.

This is what they did not want to do previously, and the drama probably was real...

Let's keep in mind that with 70% of Mexican trade oriented at the US, Trump can get anything from Mexico any time. He can rape them at his pleasure.
The only thing he cannot do is destabilize them...because if a million (or ten) of Mexicans decide to cross the border, who would stop them?

As for THE WALL.... new plan: there will be many,many Trump walls... around the concentration camps in Mexico? S6
While Trump and Wm both failed to provide evidence of the Chinese stealing US IP secrets, we now have emerging evidence that some US companies steal Chinese secrets.

Specifically,  the accusations are leveled against Verizon but likely Verizon is not the first one to be charged.

Whom should we believe?  

Well, most 5G patents are indeed Huawei's, in this area China is ahead of the US.

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