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Jumping the Shark, movie-wise.
We all remember when Happy Days founded "jumping the shark," when Fonzy, in his leather jacket, water-skied over a shark, which launched the idea that the writers used up all their brain cels and resorted to throwing ideas into a hat that were just too stupid for people to invest their interest.

I was looking at our two favorite serial SF entertainments being broadcast in binge-worthy fashion, one after the other. Star Wars is easy. We mostly agree that the prequels ruined a good thing. With Star Trek, the movies after "IV: The Voyage Home" turned off more people than excited them.

The Game of Thrones hasn't jumped yet, primarily because the shows are following the novels pretty well, and George R.R. Martin's only regret is that the Stone Lady (Cat Stark) was omitted from the broadcast version.

As far as I'm concerned, "Dune" failed in the novel-stage after the first one.

"Serenity" never jumped because it was a one-season, one movie effort.

"Fawlty Towers" never jumped. John Cleese stopped before it had a chance to jump.

One bright person once reflected that most successful shows fail because they are successful and the bean-counters take over. Then, of course, they know best how it should be produced.

BTW, the original Jump the Shark website was down-sized and then disappeared.

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