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Iran on the Brink
It looks like there is about to be another revolution in Iran,.....soon.  I've been expecting it for a while now, but it looks like its finally about to take place.  Here's what I mean:

SHOCKING! Protests Escalate in IRAN – THOUSANDS of Protesters BEAT POLICE in Street

Quote:The Iranian regime sent in the Revolutionary Guards at one point to put down the protesters.

But the Iranian protesters fought back.
Hundreds of protesters CHASED DOWN AND BEAT POLICE in the street.

At one point the protesters chased the police off their bikes and down the street.

The protesters are chanting, “Death to Khameini!” on the street.

Massive protests in Iran as people are chanting “death to Khamenei, “reformers, hardliners, the game is now over” #IranProtests

INSTEAD of chanting “Death to America!” the protesters are chanting, “Death to Palestine!” who they blame for taking all of the Iranian people’s wealth.

If the police are being beaten and running away, the authorities have lost the means to keep them in power.  

Economic turmoil fuels protests in Iran-video

Recent anti-regime protests in Iran increase in size-video

As Protests Multiply, Is Iran On Verge Of Revolution?

ANALYSIS: Amid widening protests, time to side with Iranian people
"Falsehood flies, and truth comes limping after it" - Jonathan Swift, 1710
Many of the Iranian people originally liked America and Western culture. No tyranny can last forever.
(06-30-2018, 08:40 PM)John L Wrote: It looks like there is about to be another revolution in Iran,.....soon.  I've been expecting it for a while now, but it looks like its finally about to take place. ...

It's been four decades that the Islamist regime has been ruling. The old citizenry that was pro-West and was held down has always been there - but the new generation seems to be driving the unrest. I wonder how much agitation has been imported to support these uprisings?
(06-30-2018, 10:30 PM)WmLambert Wrote:
(06-30-2018, 08:40 PM)John L Wrote: It looks like there is about to be another revolution in Iran,.....soon.  I've been expecting it for a while now, but it looks like its finally about to take place. ...

It's been four decades that the Islamist regime has been ruling. The old citizenry that was pro-West and was held down has always been there - but the new generation seems to be driving the unrest. I wonder how much agitation has been imported to support these uprisings?

Not sure on that one.  But Trump's above board pressure is certainly taking a heavy toll on the regime.

Not sure if this is coincidence, but The Donald seems hell bent on erasing anything MacDaddy did in office. S13
"Falsehood flies, and truth comes limping after it" - Jonathan Swift, 1710
That Evil, Diabolical Bebe is at it once again, trying to stir up anger and hatred against those peace loving Mullahs. S13

This is a tough story. But you need to hear it.

"Falsehood flies, and truth comes limping after it" - Jonathan Swift, 1710
Media seems to believe that Iran can play the waiting game with Trump.  They appear to believe that the Mullahs are sitting secure, with nothing to worry about.  

Iran can afford to play the long game with Trump

I find this interesting because their economy appears to be collapsing to the point where its hanging by its fingers.

Iran currency drops 18% in two days

And even the Iran Guard Calls on President Rouhani to Halt Rial's Drop.

And the protests just keep coming.  According to UK Daily Express, Iran is CLOSED for business: PROTESTS break out as economy plummets amid Trump sanctions

Quote:THOUSANDS of Iranians have closed their shops and market stalls and stepped onto the streets in a series of tense protests against skyrocketing prices as inflation figures soar amid damaging US sanctions

Shop keepers, stall vendors, farmers and even truck drivers are demonstrating today in the Amir-Kabir industrial complex of Isfahan, central Iran, protesting against high prices as the value of Tehran’s currency, the rial, plummets.

Scores of demonstrators can be seen gathering in public squares and at the side of main roads, chanting “death to high prices” and "No to Gaza, no to Lebanon, my life for Iran”.

Dozens of store owners in the area have closed their shops and are on strike, after the rial’s value dropped by 120 percent in the last six months alone.

Iran has also been hit by falling salaries set against the rising cost of living, while water shortages and power outages have also hit the embattled country.
Mr Gobadi told “The Iranian economy is in total shambles and pressure on average citizen to make the ends meet is growing by the day.

“The Iranian people realise that their economic suffering is due to the institutionalised and pervasive corruption of the most senior officials and is a result of years of the misguided policy of the clerical regime which has spent the wealth of the Iranian people on suppression, warmongering in the region, and export of fundamentalism.

“The resumption of a nationwide strike by truck drivers and shop owners in Tehran in the past few days, despite the heavy crackdown, vividly reflects the growing public outrage and growing sentiment among the public that the only solution is a regime change by the people.

“The clerical regime is fast moving towards the precipice.”

"Death To Dictator" -Iranians Protest Against Khamenei & His Regime, Isfahan

"Falsehood flies, and truth comes limping after it" - Jonathan Swift, 1710
We never should have lost Iran. Incompetence in our State Department was to blame. The people there still have a strong preference for America and for Western values. The fanatics heading their government need to be ousted. The liberals in America who called for and welcomed the overthrow of the Shah did not know what they were doing.
This just keeps going on in Iran. Now its expanding, and no telling where it will lead.

“Mullahs Get Lost!” Anti-Regime Protests Spread to TEHRAN — Iranian People Rise Up Against Brutal Regime

This is new.

'Death To The Dictator' - Protests Spread To Several Iranian Cities

"Falsehood flies, and truth comes limping after it" - Jonathan Swift, 1710
We didn't lose Iran Ron, it never belonged to the USA. The people got sick of their nation being used by the USA as an adjunct to our culture and foreign policy, simple as that and it wasn't just the mullahs, it was the entire society EX a small minority. The mullahs were just the best organized like the communists were in Moscow in 1917.

Remember Ron, we and the British helped to overthrow their elected democratic leader ~ 1953 and helped place the Shah on the throne. Good ole exceptional America loves us some dictator when they suck our ass, isn't that amazing? Like you would, they revolted when they got sick of foreign influence on their entire society.

Now they're equally sick of the neanderthals running their nation. I wish them well, you're nuts if you think the average Iranian wants anything to do with our country just because the mullahs are also driving them in the ground. They think we suck, just like Iraqi, Palestinian and Syrian Christians think we suck, because we suck in how we think about foreign people and treat them.
Iran used to be our friend and ally. It's people heartily embraced American culture. Even after the rise of the Ayatollah, young people used to walk the streets of Tehran playing American music loudly on their boom boxes in open defiance. Then the tyrannical government of the Ayatollah sent a million Iranian youth--nearly an entire generation--to die in the swamps of Iraq in the vain Iran-Iraq war. While that weakened the opposition to the regime, it did not end it.

America has treated other nations and cultures a thousand times better than any other nation in history has ever done. America is the best nation that has ever existed, regardless of whatever faults one might pretend to see. We even gave Okinawa back to the Japanese. Palladin, you only show you are blinded by bigotry, and have no accurate knowledge of history. You are comparable to Maxine Waters. Just ask yourself this: How many people are trying to immigrate into the USA compared to how many are trying to immigrate into any other nation? While refugees from the Islamic "paradises" of the Middle East have a hard time reaching America because of the Atlantic Ocean, they pour into other western nations in Europe, who are the most like America--mainly because the Euros are too stupid to realize they are being systematically invaded. How many Americans are trying to immigrate to other countries? Like Venezuela, or Cuba, or Syria? If so many people want to live in America, and so few want to leave America to go anywhere else, how can America be as undesirable a place to live as you say that it is?
Iran used to be run by the United States with the Shah as our puppet. That's why he's gone. No self respecting people allow that trash and no decent human with power wants to try and control other people like that.

They were never friendlies, the people have nothing in common with us including their Christians and Jews. They think we suck because we do suck the way we treated their nation.

You should talk to an Iranian Christian or Jew before you repeat your putrid Uncle Sam religious trash. If a foreign power treated us like that you would say they suck, so try for once not being a slave to USA pr campaigns and see how we look from the other side. It ain't pretty a damn bit from many people groups.

Yea, the west Europeans see us different because of Hitler and Stalin.
Maybe you weren't literate when the Shah was in power? You certainly did not describe the people correctly. At that time, they totally identified with the USA and the sales of denim and gym shoes were through the roof.
Since they are 95% Muslims, it sorta stands to reason they were not really into a group operated like one big atheist w/o a conscience like the USA is.

All Muslim nations up until about 1980 had women wearing skirts and men with blue jeans.

Even Afghanistan. Anyone can google photos of their capital cities in see evidence of this. Note to William, females wore dresses before 1776 so that isn't a pro American signal. It might just be how women dress everywhere until post 1980 in Muslim regions.
(08-03-2018, 11:09 PM)Palladin Wrote: sorta stands to reason they were not really into a group operated like one big atheist w/o a conscience like the USA is.

Totally not true. Of all nations on Earth, which was the one that stopped slavery and caused most others to go in that direction, too? Which country is always first to assist those who need help after natural catastrophes? Ever hear

The problem with your invented hatred for the best country ever on Earth, is that you want to make all the decisions of what is good or bad. Buddhism is bad, Judaism is bad. Hinduism is bad. Zoroastrianism is bad. Church of England is bad. Catholicism is bad. Lutherism is bad. Islam is bad. Protestantism is bad. Everything is bad except what you and your small colony of snake worshippers believe.

Judge not, lest you be judged.
I never said half the nonsense you just stated for starters.

It is you and your brother who are anti Catholic bigots, not me. I've defended them against your charges more than once. Remember?

Islam is bad? I think you and John would be a little more guilty there than I since I see Islam as an Arabized version of ancient Judaism and have said so often and you 2 lead the "Islam is a false religion" thread don't you?

Judaism I have never said is "bad" have I? Where did you come up with these things? To me Judaism is searching for something that has already been found, but, since I am a universal reconciliation Christian I think all people, including non Christian Jews will see Christ at the eschaton and like Paul saw Christ worship Him.

I am a Protestant, not sure where you saw me say they were bad. They're people and flawed in theology like we all are.

I think the Anglican church is 2cd only to the Orthodox in quality theology, another literal know nothing "William accusation". If I had to belong to a denomination, Orthodox then Episcopal would be my choices.
The main problem I have with the Lutherans in Germany( and other parts of northern Europe) is they exchanged Jesus for Hitler at one time and the good Lutherans had to convert to the "confessional church" led by awesome Christian leaders like Dietrich Bonhoffer and Karl Barth. Like all of us they are wrong on some theology, big deal.

Zoroaster , it's probably got some positive benefits, but, I worship Christ and when he says He is the life, the truth and the resurrection, unlike you, I don't argue with that. FYI, Zoroaster had 3 "messianic figures" and one was a Jewish king, so he had some intuitions I like, I just worship Christ. Sorry to disappoint you.

Hinduism to me is a polished up turd.

If this was 100 BC they'd have human sacrifices weekly in all villages like most ancient pagan religions did and the victims of course would be the Dalits, the poorest and weakest of the Hindus. People you also hold in contempt, weaker poorer folks. You'd have made a darn good ancient Hindu as a Brahman. Darn good.

They now have over 330 million deities to placate, I have One that I don't have to placate, that loves me, you and all of humanity equally and always will and destroyed the wall separating us all from Him by self sacrificial virtue love, too, sorry again to disappoint you.

The USA is THE only western state to need a war to end slavery. Put that in your Uncle Sam is great pipe and smoke it, then go wave your flag some more. We're not the greatest anything except in power, just like Rome was while it tried to massacre the body of Christ.

If you get charged with a crime, you can fight the state, if a poor person does, he is fucked. That is not "the greatest", that's as old as dirt how people act. Just like Sumerians did it.

Several nations have avoided things like the egregious cruelty we treated black people with(Canada never even held slaves, slavery was illegal in Mexico in 1832 w/o a fight!). I am not aware of another state that had lynchings like we had it for the century after the civil war. They made fricking postcards out of them there was such impunity.

You and your "the greatest". We're the most powerful. And since 1995 our power has too often been used for evil when our constitution, way of life or safety was not in question.

I think God would say that's murder and so I do as well. IMO, Clinton, Bush and Obama all should be extradited for trial to the various states they made war on.

Unless you consider The Lord Jesus to be a snake, you're wrong on who I worship. If you do, you'll figure it out at the eschaton.

Now, "judging someone" is different than using judgment and of course I rely on me and not you to make these judgments.

Don Trump is a cruel, unkind racist, that's a simple observation. For it to be judgmental I need to also add "I could never be like that". Only problem is I HAVE BEEN like that right here back in the 2005-2009 era and you guys LOVED me when I called Arabs cockroaches, remember? You loved that contemptuous, racist, hateful hard core right wing bastard I was and I remember it well.
Palladin--virtually every word you said was untrue. Why bother to correct you on matters of history that anyone can look up for himself?

Some people accuse me of being anti-Catholic because we Seventh-day Adventists do not bow to the authority of the Papacy to change the Sabbath of the fourth commandment to Sunday, without Biblical warrant. We believe we are justified by the righteousness of Christ imputed to us by faith, and that righteousness of Christ consisted in part in His keeping of the seventh-day Sabbath. So as we see it, anyone who does not keep the Sabbath is denying the righteousness of Christ. If we go on stealing and killing people, do we continue to have the commandment-keeping of Christ imputed to us?

All three of my brothers (including Wm here) are married to Roman Catholic wives.

Actually, there was a place in the Bible where Christ was represented by a snake. When Israel was being savaged by a plague of poisonous snakes because of their sinning, God instructed Moses to make a brass serpent and lift it up on a pole, and everyone who looked at the brass snake was healed. Jesus made it clear when He talked to Nicodemus that that snake represented Himself. "And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of Man be lifted up, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life." (John 3:14, 15) So yes, in that sense, we Christians are snake-worshipers. Not literally, of course. That snake on a pole in Numbers 21:8 is the basis for the modern Caduceus, the symbol for the medical profession.

There is zero evidence that Donald Trump is a racist. Repeatedly and consistently throughout his life, he has fought for equality, even forced Florida to end its policies which discriminated against blacks in hiring, by hiring blacks in his casino businesses. Look it up. And now, he is responsible for unemployment among blacks to be the lowest it has ever been in history. Every single case where anyone claims Trump is a racist, it is a lie, and the liars just keep quoting each other, as if that made it true. Polls show that this is getting through to the black population already. Last year, Trump's approval rating among blacks was only 15%. Now polls show it is almost doubled, to 29%. So the truth is beginning to get through, despite all the propaganda of Democrats and other liberals who have been lying to blacks for several generations, trying to make it look like Republicans are racists, when historically it has always been Democrats who were anti-equality, pro-segregationist, who founded the KKK. It was Republicans who pushed for the Civil Rights Act since President Eisenhower. Then finally a Democrat president signed it into law, and claimed that his party was the party that favored equal rights for blacks, despite the fact it was overcoming the diehard opposition to the Civil Rights Act by southern Democrats that finally made it possible for the Act to be passed.

I don't recall feeling any gladness at your calling Arabs cockroaches. I actually agree with the practice of Arabs avoiding pork--the dietary guidelines in Leviticus 11 define pork as an unclean meat, and my church at least thinks we should follow that guideline. You won't find any Adventists eating pork. But how do you know what any of us loved? You did not take any poll. You think you are telepathic? You seem to fall prey to the common human delusion of using themselves as a criterion for measuring others.

Bush was right to make war on Afghanistan. The whole of America approved of it. In one month the Taliban was overthrown, and the Al Qaeda training camps they sheltered were demolished. This was right after 911, and our country would probably have approved if Bush had nuked the place. Bush actually exerted a restraining influence on people, urging that we should not blame all Muslims for the actions of a few jihadists. I remember him standing in the rubble of the twin towers and saying that.

But just out of curiosity, who did Obama make war on? His fault was NOT making war when he should have. He announced his line in the sand, and did nothing when the Syrian leader went on using poison gas against his own people. President Trump enforced that line in the sand, and proved himself to be the first real president we have had in 29 years.

Obama did make war on conservatives, using the IRS to investigate and make things difficult for conservative groups. He also was fully involved in the illegal efforts by the FBI and DOJ to spy on the Trump campaign. Yes, he should be imprisoned for those things.

You're right on the brass serpent, but, that's not what your brother meant. He meant I worship the devil and I think you know it. He thinks so because his religion is the USA and it ain't mine.

Ron, get real, you're an anti Catholic bigot, your theology says Catholics are going to be the super most evil crew in humanity at the end times and a future Pope is going to be THE anti Christ. I disagree with lots of their theology, but, this stuff is bigotry. Your accusations are w/o decency or foundation, just being blunt. I know Ms White predicted it, I don't care.

I can predict 7th day Adventists are going to all be pedophiles and if I do I am an anti 7th day bigot.

I just disagree with some of your theology is all, I do not "predict that". I haven't made many negative statements about your denomination so I don't know why you are asking me about them. To me all of us have flaws in our understanding of God, we're all humans.

Just trust me, I went back and looked at some of my 2005 stuff, yes I called them cockroaches. Many times. When I agreed with 99% of what you guys post I was fine here notwithstanding my openly racist trash, just since I lost my Uncle Sam religion have I become an outlier. Can't have 2 masters and finally I had God wake me up.

Obama overthrew the government of Libya and tried to do so with Syria and I wasn't focusing on Bush on Afghanistan, rather on Iraq.

We have more evidence the USA backed Sunni jihadists used those chemical weapons Ron! I posted about 10 fricking URLS of evidence for you a couple of months ago. Plus we've used them, who are we to kill foreigners over that? Good grief.

You're a slave to USA propaganda so when we say someone needs killing, it's truth to you and I see it the opposite, gotta prove it to me. It never made any logic Assad would do that when Russia was guaranteeing a victory, it made great logic USA backed jihadists would do it and we pushed their narrative and it failed.

Syria is going to win that war thank God. Not Uncle Sam and our terrorist Army over there. This means bad things for the Sunni Muslim jihad, good things for all minorities in Syria and for decent Sunni Muslims. Screw the USA and her atheist driven power campaign with 0 conscience and screw the states evil enough to work with us on it from Israel to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and the European creeps that wanted the jihad to topple Assad.
The way you represent what Seventh-day Adventists teach about the Roman Catholic Church is inaccurate. The Catholic Church is a part of the Christian church, and always has been. But long ago it was infiltrated and taken over by a pagan-influenced invasion of people hungry for power, who created the dictatorial Papacy, that has victimized Catholics themselves as much as anyone else. Jesus' letter to the church of Thyatira in Revelation 2:18-29 applies to the Roman Catholic Church just before it enters the Judgment of the Living, when the final test will come to everyone on earth. Despite the terrible things that will come to try the Catholic Church as they are made to face up to the corruption of their own religion, Thyatira is still acknowledged by Jesus as a part of His Church. They are not the antichrist; the principle of exalting humans to stand in the place of Christ is the antichrist. The Catholic Church is Christian.

In medieval ages, the authority of the Papacy used the secular power of the states to persecute those who remained faithful to God's Word, and fought a long war against Protestants. But Protestants also could partake of the same persecuting spirit--such as when Calvin and his group who had secular power in Geneva, Switzerland, burned Michael Servetus at the stake for being a heretic who believed what the Bible actually teaches about the state of the dead. That was the spirit of antichrist, too, that Calvin exhibited.

The concept of the anti-Christ is that it is a system inwhich humans are presented as standing in the place of Christ. That is the meaning of the original Greek. Anti in Greek means "in the place of," not "against." Putting priests and popes in the place of Christ, is not too different from what many other Christians in many other denominations do. (Individuals can do this too!) With this definition in mind, every denomination is capable of nurturing a spirit of antichrist. Putting itself or its leaders in the place of Christ, so the people will follow them. The truth is that Christ is the only Head of the Church. As Jesus promised: "And other sheep I have which are not of this fold; them also I must bring, and they will hear My voice; and there will be one flock and one shepherd." (John 10:16) So eventually the Lord will take the reins into His own hands, through the Holy Spirit. That is what I look forward to; that is what gives me great hope.
(08-04-2018, 06:03 PM)Palladin Wrote: ... He meant I worship the devil and I think you know it.  He thinks so because his religion is the USA and it ain't mine.

Sad. I mentioned snakes because of what I have posted before, Evidently, you never read nor understood those posts.

Quote:{The source of this quote is no longer available online, so is included in its entirety.) The history of Edwards is extremely interesting. During a religious crusade in Massachusetts in the 1730s, the theologian Jonathan Edwards discovered that he could make his 'sinners' break down and submit completely to his will. He achieved this by threatening them with Hell and thereby inducing acute fear, apprehension and guilt. Edwards, like many other preachers before and after him, whipped up the emotions of his congregation to a fever-pitch of anger, fear, excitement and nervous tension, before exposing them to the new ideas and beliefs he wanted them to absorb. To this day, live rattlesnakes are passed around some congregations in the southern parts of the USA; the fear and anxiety they induce can impair judgement and make the candidates for conversion more suggestible. Once this state of mental plasticity has been created, the preacher starts to replace their existing patterns of thought. There is quite a controversy surrounding Jonathon Edwards, because some vilify him for bringing so many attendees of his revival meetings to a point where they committed suicide because of their perceived past transgressions. He often didn't try to "Save" them until after they were already dead.

I stress this is a normally occurring mammalian psychological mechanism which is verifiable. You can easily understand the repercussions it has in religion, and why "Born-again" Christians and other converts are as zealous as they are. It has been demonstrated that it is possible with the right persuasive regimine and the proper schedules of reinforcement that any person can be utterly convinced that a chair is God - or some other equally illogical belief system. Our government did extensive testing of this mechanism in Project MK-Ultra, reintroduced to us in the Mel Gibson Movie, Conspiracy Theory.

The snake in the post was alluding to brainwashing, which appears to be your religion and may be why what you believe so completely  regardless of what contradicting facts you are shown and ignore. You jump to conclusions which are wrong. You do this so often that it defines you.

I don't care about the details, you preach Catholics and their leader are going to be numero uno EVIL. If I said that about you you'd call me a bigot, rightly so. It ain't hard this stuff. Just insert JEWS for Catholics and you'll figure it out, this is neo Nazi type thinking.


Jump to the conclusion Trump is a hard hearted, unkind, un educated(outside real estate) racist? We have enough evidence to make a reasonable conclusion already now. Are you alluding to the border patrolman who shot the girl in the head? I think he's both a hard core, soul less killer and a pissant coward. I hope he never sleeps decent again until he repents.

"He's a JEW, what did you expect"? See how it works? You're good with his racism cause he said "MEXICAN".

Cause they don't count with you like Jews and I assume some other people groups.

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