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Migrant children separation
Way too often when one plays the "race card" they are really just projecting their own views.

Sad, isn't it?
I know you think you understand what you thought I said,
but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant!
(06-26-2018, 08:15 PM)Palladin Wrote: ...Where do you suppose the cash flow to the drug gangs comes from? El Salvador?

The Cartels are finding the illegal immigration more and more as a cash cow. They receive a huge revenue from these desperate refugees, and use them as mules to move their drugs, too.
Nothing like drugs sold here. They are now manufacturing fentanyl to assist the demise of my people, hillbillies.

American cash flow has funded terrorist wars from Columbia to Mexico. There's some American exceptionalism.
Trump has been ordered to stop his jailing of migrants. He won't stop his cruelty until the SCOTUS forces him to though.
Trump seeking a reverse naturalization move. I wish his citizenship were revoked.
(07-05-2018, 09:21 AM)Palladin Wrote: Trump seeking a reverse naturalization move. I wish his citizenship were revoked.

Revoke to what?  Isn't he a natural born citizen, like you and me?  I assume you were born here.  I was born on Ward 22, Ft. Jackson hospital on Tuesday morning, October 31(Halloween), 1944.  And I was definitely a 'trick', and not s 'treat'.  S13

At least that's what my Mother once told me. Spiteful
Have a Gneiss Day!
(07-05-2018, 10:22 AM)John L Wrote: ... I was born on Ward 22, Ft. Jackson hospital on Tuesday morning, October 31(Halloween), 1944.  And I was definitely a 'trick', and not s 'treat'.  S13

At least that's what my Mother once told me.  Spiteful

I was born on Feb. 26 - but it's so close to leap year day on the 29th that I often amuse people by saying It's fun only having a birthday every fourth year. Long wait for my driver license, though.

URLs are relating to Trump's move to remove non citizens from the military. Most are there to win citizenship as they were promised.

Just 1 more example of the cruelty of this man's heart and his contempt for anyone not American.
(07-05-2018, 11:20 PM)Palladin Wrote:
The first misunderstood factoid used by this URL is that immigrants that fought for us in the war deserved to be citizens. However; they wanted to defeat the very counties they came from to make their new nation prosper. Today these immigrants do not aspire to be citizens. If they did they would simply apply for citizenship. These people want to be given a free pass into our country, and wave the Mexican flag and refuse to learn English except as a second language. If the military volunteers have applied for citizenship, then fine. If they haven't, why expect them not to put their old nation first?
Like you have any idea what motivates anyone other than you. I wouldn't expect anything different from you but slavish support like a programmed robot. These people fought for the USA while you sat on your cowardly ass, right? You never joined the military, correct? I'm a coward, too, but, I don't want to hurt who did like you.

Here's more for you Mr. Rich Man. This idol you worship not only separated families, the hateful bastard has deported some w/o their children.

I hope he and the bastards involved all serve time for kidnapping. I'm sure this makes you proud to be an exceptional American like an SS officer was proud to be a German:
More evidence Trump is both an inveterate liar and cruel prick as his supporters are at this point, there's too much evidence for you guys to not realize he is a soulless imp:

Bet all you guys would have been super pro the FDR immigration policies of deporting ethnic Mexicans even though many were citizens and restricting immigration so drastically we wouldn't allow a ship of Jews in here fleeing Hitler. Right John?

I mean, back then we actually did have employment problems instead of the need for labor like Mar A LAGO wants from outside the USA, right John?? Sent those people back to Auschwitz, slick move right John? Made it impossible for Jews hiding from Hitler like Anne Frank, fine wasn't it John? Cause we can't take in every damn body here and besides, we're rightists and those fucking leftist Jews will destroy America!!! Preach it John!!

Hahahaha! I know, I'm out of control, but, I think a reasonable human can see the parallels to right now except we have it made and things are great now. Contempt for humanity and callousness to suffering and we have it fucking made right now

This 1st century Pharisee running our nation hasn't even slowed down the flood. All he has done is what the 1st century ones did, create hate, contempt and murder and revolution. I hope they all move to where ever you Lamberts and John live.

I hope you Pharisees have to learn to speak Espanol just to do your business. I know you haters are gonna be waiting on those you hold in contempt's tables on in the eternal state(first will be last and last will be first deal, the great reversal), I hope to see it sooner myself! Enjoy the "invasion"! Hahahaha!
Deleted for Sub-Adult behavior in 'Adult' section. - Locke

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