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John Dewey and education as propoganda
For anyone interested, for the last 100 years, Progressivism has owned education. Follow Mark Levin's podcast from 3/14/2018. goto 3/14/2018. Listen to the whole thing if you want the most cogent info - but his history of John Dewey starts at about 6:30 in.

John Dewey "Democracy and Education" 1916

Kids walk out of schools to protest guns, never to advance liberty or Constitutionalism, or private property rights, or Free Enterprise generally. Never to support the military or law enforcement, but to tax the rich. Redistribution is good. The American founding is illegitimate. The so-called great founders were White slave holders. America is racist is the result. It was born in races, and can never escape it.IOW, it is the radical progressive agenda. They allow their philosopher kings, Hegel, Roseau, and Marx to turn education into their Progressive ideology.

Dewey wrote: "It remains to only point out that the reconstruction of experience may be social as well as personal." (Dewey means to reject American history, reject the American founding, reject the principles in the Declaration! The world begins today with political science, with behavioral science, with social science. We're the experts. The trained and the educated and the learned drives society. Wash out the individualism! The individual will find meaning in the collective.)

Dewey went on: "For purposes of simplification, we've spoken as if the education of the immature which fills them with the spirit of the social group to which they belong. We're sort of catching up with the child, with the aptitudes and resources of the adult group.

In static society [In you're not embracing Progressivism, then you're a static, backward, and in fact regressive society.] In static societies, in societies that make the maintenance of established customs their measure of value, the conception applies in the main, but not in progressive communities. They endeavor to shape the experiences of the young, so instead of reproducing current habits, better habits will be formed, and thus the future adult society be an improvement on their own.

Men have long had some intimation of the extent to which education can be consciously used to eliminate obvious social evils, to starting the young on paths which shall not produce these ills, and some extent education may be made an instrument of realizing the better hopes of men. But we were far from realizing the potential efficacy of education as a constructive agency for improving society, for realizing it represents not only an element of children and youth, but also the future society, of which they will be the constituents."

The purpose of education is to indoctrinate kids. Mark is dead on.
I found the Blumenfeld-Newman book: Crimes of the Educators online" Here. If nothing else, skim Chapter 3.

I've often written about John Dewey purposefully wanting to dumb down Anerica's kids. Here is a full presentation of how bad it is.

[Image: 25572181._SY475_.jpg]

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