Poll: Did the Hospital Do The Right Thing?
Yes, they were within their rights.
This is just natural selection at work.
No, they should have at least tried to same the twins.
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Ethics in Today's Society
This story is so heart-wrenching. I choked up and will have a while before I can get this out of my mind. S11

This is a Real Ethical Dilemma, that has huge implications. The British Socialized Medicine system has no legal problem with this type of decision, but how will it play in the US?

HEARTBREAKING VIDEO: 22-Week Preemie Twins Die in Mother’s Arms; Doctors Refuse to Help

Ohio Hospital Refuses to Help Viable Born Babies

My guess is that the hospital, and doctors involved, will have to answer this in a court of law. It will be interesting to see who bears responsibility for these actions.
Schist Happens
Heart-breaking video. The Hospital will lose in court. They think hospital policy trumps the actual live birth. Policy is not a legal concept. Policy is just something made for the benefit of the policy-maker. In this instance, they believe the policy is accepted via contract law. All policy must yield to the actuality of real events. Similar to this is the Doctrine of Laches. ...Often exemplified by someone ordered to not be allowed to have a pet, when others have been allowed that right in the past. The distinction is that time has expired for the redress of the "No pets" stipulation in a contract. After a live birth, how can a capricious policy decision not be overturned? It's obvious the hospital has decided an early birth (at some guesstimated time) cannot live - yet the infants did live and were allowed to die. The mother doesn't need Clarence Darrow or Perry Mason on this one - Hell, You or I could win this case.
Bill, right or wrong, I can see hospital bureaucrats making such an decision. But actual doctors, MDs, doing this? They are held, by their own profession, to a much higher ethical standard, and I would think at least one of them would refuse to go along with this. and just the possibility of them dying, or even the possibility of brain damage, would be far less than a 50/50 proposition, I would think.

I'll bet you this case will make it into court law, and establish legal precedent. Also, this mother will be psychologically scarred for the rest of her life. S11
Schist Happens
I was born two months premature, I still have two large scars on both ankles where I fed by intravenous. Apparently, at birth, this is where the largest vein is.
The true purpose of democracy is not to select the best leaders — a clearly debatable obligation — but to facilitate the prompt and peaceful removal of obviously bad ones. 
Shows the level of character in the nation when doctors are good with this and don't fear being charged for it.

The west is dying out in lots of ways, IMO.

I know John, this is 1 example, but, we've been knowing that doctors stick ice picks in a child's head as it protrudes OUT of the birth canal now for decades and this society has accepted it.

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