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Trump's dates.
How personal choices get made.

Much has been made of Trump being a millionaire and marrying attractive women. There is such a thing as groupies and golddiggers who seem to hook up with rich people and professional athletes. There may be a perfect partner for every person - but if one only sees those who make an effort to be there, then those become the dating pool and marriage pool.

I understand now how some of this works, but I've always been clueless. My early years were centered around sports and good grades. Extracurricular activities that are so important to college recruiters get thrust upon you, they aren't really something one works for. I never dated much in High School. But the girls I knew well enough to ask out were special. Looking back now at how things happen, I realize I was in a privileged group of "good prospects." I was lucky enough to be like Leonardo: Educated, creative, and athletic. I never really did homework. Most everything that others did at home, got done before seventh hour, when I went off to practice sports. I would be too wiped out to think about a social life.

What happened to me was circumstance. I was friends with every clique in school, without any real enemies, and got good grades. Therefore the football team elected me as the team captain, even though several of my friends were superior athletes. Once you get hammered into a round hole - even if you're a square peg, your name will keep popping up to get some role no one else really wants. I ended up as class president, and vice-president of the National Honor Society. However, since I was always at practice, my duties would be taken by the VPs during seventh hour, when all the meetings took place. I got famous for being on the front page of the newspaper for being the front man for a student protest during the first teachers' strike in the country. Something I had to do, because our football team was being jeopardized because our coaches honored the strike, while coaches of the team we were playing against were working with their team. We marched around the track bordering our field, got threatened with buckshot in my rear end by the sheriff, burned our coaches in effigy (not my idea) and convinced the district athletic director to come open our locker room, and get our school insurance in effect. The protest was considered a success, and the University of Michigan Regents gave me a grant to come to UM. It was a big deal at the time, because UM wanted to be THE school known for positive teach-ins.

The girls I met were mostly above average - no cause of mine. Most of the girls I dated (not many) were all in beauty pageants. I met my wife at the Miss Troy pageant, and re-met her at my summer job. Things happen, and Trump was fore ordained to marry someone like Melania.

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