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China Uncensored/Unopposed
You wonder when all this "Peaceful Intent" is going to stop? Well.......................................

China Builds Peaceful Missile Launchers in South China Sea
"Falsehood flies, and truth comes limping after it" - Jonathan Swift, 1710
I can only comment about the Japanese opinion regarding this issue.
Japan has no claim regarding South China Sea, and there are only a few small islands/ sea territory which is disputed by China and Taiwan, but so far firmly under Japanese control.

Around the South China Sea there are only countries you cannot trust, not really clearly Western/USA friendly.
They complain about Chinese occupation in that region, but are also not co-operative with the West.
You cannot have it both...

Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia... their political position is unclear, their own military has no good navy and China knows that.


The only way, you can talk with China about such sea territory claims is a strong military force, a navy/coastguard ready all the time which does not allow any Chinese boat to bring their own people to these islands to start with 'peaceful construction'.

So far not even one Chinese person was able to enter the Senkaku Islands without being immediately arrested.
Most Chinese boats which tried it out did not even arrive there.

As Chinese ships are getting more aggressive, Japan will send larger coastguard ships to block them.
Japan Coastguard has a lot of ships of any kind, see video.

So far there was no confrontation requiring Japanese Navy ships.

Also Yonakuni Island, Japan's farest outpost to China and Taiwan has now a military presence to detect such Chinese boats earlier.
Newer type of Japanese coast guard vessel

About Japanese Navy, we also have some big ships, Japan is not like Philippines or Vietnam with a few boats...

Yearly fleet review:

Quote:Text from Youtube:
The best navy in Asia has a total of 114 warships and 45,800 volunteer personnel. It has a large fleet of fast, powerful destroyers, thoroughly modern diesel-electric attack submarines, and amphibious ships that can haul tanks and other ground forces. It can hunt submarines, square off against invasion fleets, and shoot down enemy ballistic missiles. Despite all of that firepower, this is not in fact a navy at all, but an armed cohort of civil servants.

There are more ships, but not combat ships, like auxilary ships, all together there should be 154 ships. More or less all of them ready to go, some more ships for the Japanese Coast Guard and Japanese Navy are permanently under construction.

Some sources mention Japan as one of the strongest military forces in the world, ranking between #4 and #7. No idea if this is really true, but it is always pointed out, that the Japanese military is relatively small, but good organized, has excellent equipment and all is best serviced to be ready to go, regardless if land, air or sea. Basically all is available except aircraft carriers and atomic weapons - but even those could be adjusted within a very short time.

It also should be mentioned, while USA is a bit reluctant to supply military materials to countries like Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam and even South Korea, there is nothing known like this to me regarding Japan.

Despite Japan is small, it is not easy for China to occupy anything of its sea territory.

The main point for Japan is about never tolerate China to land on inhabited islands like these Senkaku Islands and let them construct something....

However Japan has no claims regarding South China Sea.

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