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History Channel searching for Teslas's missing files
As you all know, I think Tesla was the greatest scientist, inventor, and genius of all time. There is currently a History channel series being broadcast looking for his documents that have been seized by the government and never accounted for. Tesla was so far beyond any one else that I can easily believe he was an alien from some advanced planet.

The History channels says: "Researcher Marc Seifer recruits astrophysicist Travis Taylor and investigative journalist Jason Stapleton to help unravel the mystery of inventor Nikola Tesla's missing files, which were confiscated by the U.S. government after he died in 1943." Travis Taylor is also a SF author of several novels I really like. He partnered with John Ringo in the Into the Looking Glass series, including Vorpal Blade, Manxome Foe, The Claws that Catch, and Warp Speed.

Season 1, Episode 1 is on tonight. One thing they focused on was Tesla's particle beam weapon that he said could shoot down thousands of war planes several hundreds of miles away. Tesla said it could end all wars. He was said to have 80 trunks full of his inventions and writings, which the government seized. The curator of the Tesla museum in Belgrade, Serbia said he only has 60 trunks and seems quite adversarial against the researchers.
Episodes one and two have been shown, and the investigative team has made some quiet inroads. First, they showed that the government had agents in rooms on wither side of Tesla's room at the New Yorker Hotel, and that the government thoroughly raided his rooms and possessions, even as his body lay in his bed before being discovered by the hotel cleaning staff. The hotel, itself, may have been more than just the rooming house for a great but impoverished scientist. At the time of his death, the New Yorker Hotel was a great and super-expensive hotel, but one with enough energy equipment to power the entire city. It may have been Tesla's final laboratory.

They did recreate his electricity-through-the-air experiments that proved Tesla had bypassed the need for wires to transmit electricity. They set up Tesla coils and lit light bulbs and a powered boat in a pond. They supposed how Morgan, who owned a fortune in copper mines, was part of a coalition to discredit his work. They noted that besides electrical generation from the Earth's own ability to create it, he invented the radio, remote-control of vehicles, and cell-phone technology. There is no reason to not believe his statement that he had created a "death ray" that could prevent all wars. He said it could shoot down 10,000 planes in the sky over 250 miles away. Einstein said Tesla was the most brilliant mind on Earth, at the same time Edison and Morgan were trying to discredit his discoveries.

His most important works are missing - but the stuff that was already in the public domain is far more important and used, to the point where he truly deserves better.

The next episode is on Friday: (5/25) Researcher Marc Seifer finds the smoking gun evidence proving the U.S. military wanted Tesla's secret files; Jason Stapleton and Travis Taylor investigate a link between Tesla's last patent and one of the Air Force's most advanced aircrafts.

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