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China's Fall
China's days as an economic behemoth should come to a screeching halt, somewhere in the near future.  For one thing, it's debt to GDP is now over 260%.  The US's is right at 100%.  

Bloomberg explains this here: Sizing Up China’s Debt Bubble: Bloomberg Economics

But not everyone agrees that this is a problem: Stop worrying about Chinese debt, a crisis is not brewing.  Only one problem, the writer of that article, Chen Zhao, is from.....................?  S5

Keep in mind that this is only one of the warning signs.  This Youtube video presents eight negatives which should lead to a big fall.  But there is a ninth one which I will mention last.  

8 Reasons Why The Economy Of China Will Collapse

Here's a ninth reason.  We are entering into a Grand Solar Minimum.  Throughout history these GSMs have led to Chinese dynasty collapses.  Crops fail, and the heavy population faces starvation.  Civil unrest will lead to rebellion.  I have previously forecast a breakup of China into several independent states, and I still forecast this happening in the near future, as district leaders take control of their areas in order to survive.  

China is in for a rocky future, with so many things against it.  Even Japan had far less obstacles, and it is just been coming out of its decades old recession.
--- SCHiST Happens! ---
China’s Next Financial Crisis: Shadow Banking

China Living On Edge Of Economic Collapse

--- SCHiST Happens! ---
Perhaps getting into a full-scale trade war with China would be our best strategic move. Their economy would utterly collapse, before it has any serious effect on our economy. We wouldn't even have to wait for the Grand Solar Minimum. But we should offer them good relations and fair trade, if they will quit trying to cheat so severely about everything.

If and when China collapses, who gets their nukes? Will the surviving factions use the nukes against each other?

The mainland faction that chooses to ally itself with Taiwan might emerge the dominant faction with the most prosperity. Especially if that faction includes Hong Kong.

Russia will not need to worry about Chinese incursions into Siberia, since Siberia will be even less inhabitable than it is now when the Grand Solar Minimum comes. Maybe at first there will be a lot of refugees, but the refugees are not likely to find much sanctuary and solace in Siberia--which is where Russia has always sent people as punishment in normal times.

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