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Facebook: Is It A Dead Entity Still Walking?
Ben Shapiro thinks that Zuckerberg may have doomed Facebook, with one admission before the joint Senate Committee.

Quote:Zuckerberg Admits, 'We're Responsible For The Content.' He May Have Just Bankrupted His Own Company.

In a shocking turn of events, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, testifying before the Senate after weeks of enduring attacks over the company’s privacy policies, acknowledged that the company could indeed be seen as a publisher rather than merely a platform. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) asked, “We’ve been told that platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like are neutral platforms, and the people who own and run them for profit … bore no responsibility for the content. Do you agree now that Facebook and other social media platforms are not neutral platforms but bear some responsibility for the content?”

Zuckerberg answered, “I agree that we’re responsible for the content.”

Zuckerberg may have just opened himself up to a world of legal hurt. Platforms are generally not held legally responsible for the content posted on those platforms — so liability issues ranging from copyright violation to slander aren’t serious concerns for platforms. You can’t sue AT&T if somebody slanders you on a telephone call carried by their satellites. But that’s not the case with publishers. Publishers are responsible for the content that is added to their platforms. The Daily Wire bears legal liability for the content that goes up at The Daily Wire.

If the same were held to be true for Facebook, the company would immediately become subject to hundreds of millions of dollars in legal liability. For example, copyright violation bears a statutory penalty of between $750 and $30,000 per violation. How many unlicensed photos are posted on Facebook daily? On a minute-by-minute basis? Now, instead of a photo journalist suing the person who posted the photo, the photo journalist could sue Facebook itself. And Facebook’s pockets are a lot deeper.

This is the problem with determining that you are going to treat your platform as a political outlet. Zuckerberg made that decision months ago in response to the 2016 election, as Wired detailed. Now his company could pay the price.

What do you all think?
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A class action lawsuit would wipe him out.
The true purpose of democracy is not to select the best leaders — a clearly debatable obligation — but to facilitate the prompt and peaceful removal of obviously bad ones. 
He may be trying to stake a claim to having a right to continue discriminating against conservatives.
Facebook may have lost all its investors. I am receiving Facebook posts from friends describing the new Facebook algorithm that only allows contact with posters you select. With this, I don't see how any meme gets 99 thousand likes, anymore.
To be responsible for content doesn't make you legaly a publisher.
It's still a platform where members can be held acountable for publishing but not the platform.

Yet the platform has a responsability which may differ from being responsible for in legal language, but not in Zuckerberg's mind. He may have badly choosen his words, but I don't think there will consequences as his lawyers will promptly rectify if needed.
To bankrupt it you would need the court to declare that facebook is a publisher, not just a few words pronounced oraly by his CEO.

It's nothing new that Facebook feels responsible for the content: They have team of moderator (some say censors) working 24/7.
Here's more trouble coming down on the head of Facebook.  And its not just due to the stock market loss in value.  In fact, its just the other way around: the market loss in value is due to the its misuse of private information.

Facebook Stands to Lose Tens of BILLIONS in Dozens of Lawsuits

Quote:But stock prices aren't the only problems facing the beleaguered social media behemoth. The company is facing massive fines and possible government intervention as lawsuits pile up in the U.S. and around the world. In fact, Facebook is facing more than three dozen class-action lawsuits over Cambridge Analytica privacy breaches alone. The looming legal nightmare is so significant that the company felt the need to include a note about it in their quarterly SEC report:

Quote:Beginning on March 20, 2018,  multiple putative class actions and derivative actions were filed in state and federal courts in the United States and elsewhere against us and certain of our directors and officers alleging violations of securities laws, breach of fiduciary duties, and other causes of action in connection with the misuse of certain data by a developer that shared such data with third parties […]  the events surrounding this misuse of data became the subject of U.S. Federal Trade Commission and other government inquiries in the United States, Europe, and other jurisdictions.  Any such inquiries could subject us to substantial fines and costs, divert resources and the attention of management from our business, or adversely affect our business. [Emphasis added]
Here are a few of the dozens of lawsuits Facebook is facing:
1. Facebook accused of using ad tools to discriminate against older job seekers

2. Federal judge gives go-ahead for $30 billion Facebook privacy class-action suit

3. Facebook slapped with $3.9 billion in lawsuits on the first day of GDPR

4. Class-action lawsuit over scraping texts and call logs

5. Personality quiz lawsuit

6. China problems
[Image: zuck2.jpg?w=810]
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So what if FACEBOOK died? He'd just start another similar thing or another hot shot silicon valley operator would.

Your desire to see non conservative investors flop isn't ever going to be reality in any large sense.
(07-27-2018, 10:38 AM)Palladin Wrote: So what if FACEBOOK died? He'd just start another similar thing or another hot shot silicon valley operator would.

Your desire to see non conservative investors flop isn't ever going to be reality in any large sense.

Why would I desire that? After all, I'm a Liberal, am I not? Spiteful
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[Image: mle180727c20180727113432.jpg]
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BTW, Facebook rules allow them to invade your privacy. Only an idiot would take part in that enterprise anyway.
(07-27-2018, 02:09 PM)Palladin Wrote: BTW, Facebook rules allow them to invade your privacy. Only an idiot would take part in that enterprise anyway.

I cannot remember the last time I visited that Facebook account that I never use. I'm surprised it hasn't canceled itself by now.
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I never was interested in it.
Facebook can just steal the data you give to them. If you give them these data, it's not a theft.

I use facebook daily (though I admit I start to be tired of it, but I still find interesting people to talk with) but I don't share personal infos there and I don't care if they know what website I'm browsing and what keywords they can find in my comments. They can sell my data, I really don't care.
If somebody is dumb enough to buy these useless data (my data are pretty useless, period) and make money out of it, then good to them. So far I use this website for free, and as soon as it's free i don't complain.  Beach
I'm just jealous I didn't find a way to make a lot of money myself with something as simple and as stupid as reselling useless data.
Well, i also missed the bitcoin craze. The Big Datas is similar to Bitcoin IMO. Useless bits of electronic data which have no material reality and no tangible value. Dozen of billions of dollars are traded every day for meaningless binary strings.
Isn't our world amazing?  S17
I can't even remember the last time I was on a Facebook site. What about you all/

Why Is Facebook In Decline

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