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Knife Control Coming To A City Near You!
It looks like Londoners will be coming under the latest Government control measures, in order to protect them from themselves: Knife Control.

Coming Soon to Britain: Knife Control?

Quote:In our post late last week, I made passing reference to the fact that the imposition of extremely stringent gun laws in other countries have not prevented people from finding ways to kill each other (or themselves) at high rates. One of the pieces I linked to was a news account describing how the murder rate in London -- where civilian gun ownership is effectively banned -- has recently exceeded that of New York City. The London Sunday Times reports:

A number of gun rights activists have used this fact to underscore the truism that gun control does not necessarily equate to murder control. Nevertheless with an uptick in violent crime in the UK's largest city, some public officials are scrambling to find things to blame, ranging from police budget cuts, to restrictions on certain police practices, to the tools being used by criminals. Something, after all, must be done. And their "solutions" are really quite something. Sometimes when weapons other than firearms are used in murders, conservatives dial up the social media snark, suggesting that perhaps politicians should push for policies to ban those things, too. "Time for some common sense knife control," is a typical tweet in this vein. But what happens when satire becomes reality? Ta da:

I wonder if this would be happening if the Brits had not allowed the masses of Muslims to invade their realm? Ya' think? Spiteful

Well Matt Walsh, over at The Daily Wire, has an even better suggestion which goes even further.

WALSH: 7 Deadly Objects London Must Ban Next If It Wants To Survive

Quote:1. Vehicles.

Starting with the most obvious. Cars kill over 1.25 million people around the world every year. They are easily the deadliest objects in existence. You can feel the dark intentions of an automobile as soon as you sit inside one. I know I am not the only one who is regularly overcome with the insatiable desire to run down pedestrians. The only thing that stops me — or stops the car, which has me in its evil grasp — is that most roads in America are Vehicular Homicide Free Zones. But what if I ever cross paths with a cyclist as I'm driving down an unregulated dirt road? He is as good as dead. And I will be as much a victim as the guy I just flattened in the dirt. Cars have this effect on people. It is time for some common sense car regulations.

2. All other kitchen utensils.

There is never a reason to have a knife. Neither is there a reason to have a fork or a spoon or, God forbid, a spork. Just last year a woman was attacked with a fork in D.C. Months before that, a man was stabbed repeatedly with a fork in Michigan. Last week I stepped on a fork in my kitchen. Fork-violence is the epidemic nobody is talking about.

3. Office supplies.

Hardly a day goes by when you don't hear about someone being injured or killed in a pencil attack or scissors attack or stapler attack. Office Depot is nothing but an arsenal for domestic terrorists. The blood of millions of pencil victims is on their hands.

4. Chairs.

If you don't think chairs are a dangerous weapon, watch the WWE sometime. It's fine for professional wrestlers to use chairs, but the shocking reality is this: millions of untrained people — including children — use these lethal weapons every day without any regulation at all. The result? There's a new case of chair assault every week. It's estimated (by me) that around 80,000 people are hit with assault-style chairs every year, and half of them die from their injuries. Indeed, every person who uses a chair will die. Eventually.

5. Rocks.

A rock can kill you in dozens of different ways. People are killed by thrown rocks and falling rocks. They are killed rock climbing. They are killed at rock concerts. A really big rock wiped out the dinosaurs. And yet the average person has completely unfettered access to free and unlicensed rocks. Believe it or not, it is easier to obtain a rock than a stalk of celery.

It would not be difficult or impractical to dig up and confiscate every rock on the Earth and under the Earth. Of course, every structure built of stone (or brick or wood, which obviously must be banned as well) would need to be torn down and replaced with tents. Well, maybe not tents. Tent poles are often used in violent massacres. But replaced with something. Inflatable igloos, perhaps.

6. Books.

Only six years ago, a teacher at a school in Seattle threw a copy of "The Odyssey" at an unsuspecting student. The child survived physically, but the emotional trauma drove her into a life of destitution and drug abuse (I assume). Just yesterday I read a story about a judge "throwing the book" at a convicted criminal. Book-throwings happen on a daily basis, but the media, beholden to the Book Lobby, refuses to report on this scourge.

One other thing to consider about books: while the book itself is a blunt object that may be used to bludgeon someone to death, each individual page comes equipped with a razor sharp edge that can slice through your skin and sever an artery. I lost a cousin that way, as far as you know.

7. Hands.

The human hand kills more people every year than shotguns. Arguably, a hand is involved in most every murder and act of violence in the world. Hands can punch, hands can slap, hands can strangle, hands can even sometimes engage in nonconsensual tickling. The hand's reign of terror must come to an end. There is no reason for a person to have hands. We must look with suspicion on any person who insists on having hands. Consider this: snakes don't have hands, and they've never hurt anybody.

I've stated before that the most efficient way to kill large numbers of innocent civilians is to use vehicles(cars, truck, buses) That way a terrorist can drive around, looking for a crowd of people waiting for the bus, or theatre, and then running the vehicle over and through the throng. Then the killer can drive off and abandon the killing implement: rinse and reapply. Works like a charm.

But there are still so many deadly items that need to be banned in order to reestablish civility. S5
Have a Gneiss Day!
Nice piece from PJ Media, showing why London Mayor Sadiq Khan Isn't the Sharpest Knife in the Drawer. S13

Quote:This is serious, people. Common-sense gun control has been such a huge success that now it's time for the next step: common-sense knife control.
No offense to Mayor Khan, but I can think of a few good reasons to have a knife. It can come in handy when you need to:

-Cut up a piece of food
-Open a box
-Perform an emergency tracheotomy
-Spread some nice cream cheese on a bagel
-Live in a crime-infested $#!+hole like London

If knives are outlawed, only outlaws will have knives. Does that sound familiar? S6
Have a Gneiss Day!
The Brits are going 'Crackers' over sharp knives no less. Shock

Knives are too sharp and filing them down is solution to soaring violent crime, judge says

Now that guns are outlawed, its knives the weapon of choice. What will be next, once knives are outlawed? S18

[Image: 2c2f3e9e20ece1cdb370d76445bf8da848898d7c...uto=format]
Have a Gneiss Day!

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