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Civilian Space Program
SpaceX is showing everyone why private companies will almost always beat government government agencies, such as NASA.  They can easily do things faster, less costly, and come in on schedule, far better than relying on government.  

The Space X Falcon Heavy is a case in point.  Its the most powerful rocket system, and easily beats others in payload capacity.

[Image: fhgraphic_updated_20170404.jpg]

Falcon Heavy first LAUNCH and LANDING(Test Flight)

I just love to watch those side boosters landing.  It was so good it looked like an detailed animation.  Its too bad the Center Core didn't make it back in one piece.
Have a Gneiss Day!
Yes, they didn't show the crash, too bad. But succeeding this even only half of the time is already fantastic:

Note how she talks about how important the level of fuel has to be in order for it to safely land. That's what happened to the one that failed. It ran out of fuel before it could slow down and descent to the platform. S4
Have a Gneiss Day!
They also made another half-failure half-success.
Elon Musk Wrote:the rocket carrying the car seems to have overshot that trajectory and has put the Tesla in an orbit that extends beyond the Red Planet’s path. However, the Tesla won’t be making it to the asteroid belt
How would it look if the paint is bruised and the bumper dented after driving across an asteroid field?
A $100,000 car... Come on...

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