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Eating Man's Best Friend & the Korean Olympics
South Korea is on the verge of accruing a major PR Debacle, as it hosts the Winter Olympics.  And after all this time becoming a rich first world country, one would think they would have better sense. Guess again.  S4

EXCLUSIVE: The trade in dog meat South Korea doesn't want Olympics tourists to see is exposed at market where they are slaughtered, chopped up and served in bubbling red broth for just $8 a bowl

Quote:These are the images South Korean Olympics organizers do not want you to see – dogs being slaughtered and sold for food just 70 miles from where the Games begin on Friday.

Dogs and even puppies are sold openly for food in Moran market, Seongnam, the country's largest open-air dog market - contradicting claims made last year by local authorities that it was closing.

Up to 80,000 dogs are sold and slaughtered at the market each year, to be made into a soup which folklore claims boosts the eater's sex drive.

S. Korea dog meat restaurants refuse to stop serving for Olympics


S. Korea's Moran Market - Cruel Dog Meat Trade 모란시장의 잔인한 거래

[Image: dog-meat-on-menu-in-korea.jpg?w=1140]

Combating the dog meat trade

Have a Gneiss Day!
Now this is guaranteed to get Ron in a tizzy. Spiteful

DROWNED LIKE RATS: Gruesome pictures show a cat meat market in Vietnam where terrified pets are caged, killed and cooked.

Cats filmed in bags at cat meat market in Vietnam |

Incidentally, there are two countries where eating cats is legal: Switzerland: and Hawaii, USA. Shock
Have a Gneiss Day!

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