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Holy Grail to Climate Change
Here it is folks.  Today the Holy Grail to Climate Change was released, from Nature.  Many sites have been advertising this paper's coming release, and informing one and all that the key to understanding why the planet warms and cools is due to the sun AND supernovae as the solar system travels within the galaxy.   The key ingredient is Ions.

Anthony Watts at has been dancing with glee for at least a week now, because despite the negative clamor from the Algore crowd, the math is solid and provable.  Here's his latest post today: New paper: The missing link between cosmic rays, clouds, and climate change on Earth

The hypothesis in a nutshell

*-Cosmic rays, high-energy particles raining down from exploded stars, knock electrons out of air molecules. This produces ions, that is, positive and negative molecules in the atmosphere.

*-The ions help aerosols – clusters of mainly sulphuric acid and water molecules – to form and become stable against evaporation. This process is called nucleation. The small aerosols need to grow nearly a million times in mass in order to have an effect on clouds.

*-The second role of ions is that they accelerate the growth of the small aerosols into cloud condensation nuclei – seeds on which liquid water droplets form to make clouds. The more ions the more aerosols become cloud condensation nuclei. It is this second property of ions which is the new result published in Nature Communications.

*-Low clouds made with liquid water droplets cool the Earth’s surface.

*-Variations in the Sun’s magnetic activity alter the influx of cosmic rays to the Earth.

*-When the Sun is lazy, magnetically speaking, there are more cosmic rays and more low clouds, and the world is cooler.

*-When the Sun is active fewer cosmic rays reach the Earth and, with fewer low clouds, the world warms up.

*-The implications of the study suggests that the mechanism can have affected:

*-The climate changes observed during the 20th century

*-The coolings and warmings of around 2°C that have occurred repeatedly over the past 10,000 years, as the Sun’s activity and the cosmic ray influx have varied.

*-The much larger variations of up to 10°C occurring as the Sun and Earth travel through the Galaxy visiting regions with varying numbers of exploding stars.

The paper has been submitted to Nature, and it has been peer reviewed.   I'm sure that Svensmark, and his crew, stipulated that the paper be open for public distribution.  That way his math can be checked and rechecked by the science community, in order to silence any dissent.  They even show the chamber used and how they used it to obtain their information.

I'm sure Algore and that Science Guy, wouldn't know how to do the math, but scientists all over will be able to test the conclusion.

Here's the position paper and the link to it:

Increased ionization supports growth of aerosols into cloud condensation nuclei
H. Svensmark, M.B. Enghoff, N. Shaviv and J. Svensmark, Increased ionization supports growth of aerosols into cloud condensation nuclei, Nature Communications DOI: 10.1038/s41467-017-02082-2


Ions produced by cosmic rays have been thought to influence aerosols and clouds. In this study, the effect of ionization on the growth of aerosols into cloud condensation nuclei is investigated theoretically and experimentally. We show that the mass-flux of small ions can constitute an important addition to the growth caused by condensation of neutral molecules. Under present atmospheric conditions the growth rate from ions can constitute several percent of the neutral growth rate. We performed experimental studies which quantify the effect of ions on the growth of aerosols between nucleation and sizes >20 nm and find good agreement with theory. Ion-induced condensation should be of importance not just in Earth’s present day atmosphere for the growth of aerosols into cloud condensation nuclei under pristine marine conditions, but also under elevated atmospheric ionization caused by increased supernova activity.
--- SCHiST Happens! ---

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