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Evil Tax Reform!
As the saying goes, when you are doing something, and others criticize and squeal about it, you must be doing something right. Naturally the Jackasses are always going to bray and kick up their heals, because with Jackasses taxes are the drug of choice. But this latest tax reform is getting its share of other countries complaining that they will be placed in an unfair advantage. Imagine that?

Five European Nations Issue Warning To America On Tax Reform

I'll have to read this closely and see why they are crying foul. Something's not making sense here, unless the complainers are upset over the change from status quo.


Because heavy tax states in Europe don't want to see the success of a light tax country.
They don't want poeple to know that something else is possible and can be better. They want us to pay the big taxes and think it's normal. Poeple in heavy tax countries do believe that their taxes are too high but, at the same time, that it's invetiable and that's everywhere like that.

I tell them "no". In Lithuania, we don't have all these taxes, and yet, we enjoy free education, totaly free health care, and they even repair the roads.
In Belgium, we are taxed just about the maximum bearable for anything, and yet, education has its hidden costs for families, healtcare is only half-covered, and at this cost roads could be better and we had no imporvement in the public transportation system for 20 years.
Low tax Lithuania has half the debt per GDP than high tax Belgium. So even there Belgium loses.

But poeple look up more to the US than tiny, almost unkown Lithuania.

How do you get to live in Lithuania being from Belgium? They welcome people to come there long term?
When I arrived in Lithuania the first time, it was still half sovietic (in style), not EU and I needed a viza. Then I married a lithuanian woman and I got a permanent viza. Soon after that, we decided against the tide of all emigrants moving west to settle in Lithuania and I got a resident card. Then I renewed my resident card after 4 years. Then LT joined the EU. Now I have an unlimited resident permit, no card anymore and it's forever, at least as long as Russia doesn't reinvade. S5

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