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Space Elevators? John, take a look at this...
[Image: rocket.jpg]
I wonder what Tesla would think about a cable reaching out from the Earth into synchronous orbit. His Wardenclyffe Tower in Shoreham, Long Island, was to function as a wireless telecommunications facility and broadcast electrical power. The energy was to be created by its structure alone. What kind of energy interface might be possible with the tremendous height and mass of a space elevator?
A couple of the things I mentioned earlier, that will have to be a required work in progress, is the continued genetic modification of humans, so as to acclimate themselves to space's inherent dangers. The two greatest threats to prolonged healthy life in space are the negative effects of solar and interstellar radiation, and the effects of life in micro-gravity. Our planet's electro-magnetic field shields us from harmful rays, and gravity forces the body to keep fighting deterioration.

And here is one study that has come up, which shows that there are countless minor effects to micro-gravity.

Space age mice are thin-skinned. Researchers aren't sure exactly why microgravity has this effect on skin regeneration, but it holds with previous studies of human skin in space.

This is almost certainly going to require the development of specific genetic engineering in order to help tailor humans for life in space. The dangers posed by increased radiation and lack of gravitational pull can only be address by this type of development.
"Falsehood flies, and truth comes limping after it" - Jonathan Swift, 1710

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