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Christianity in South Korea
As for me, I got to know the Koreans very well, and even visited some of my Dad's Korean friends from the old war days. I'm just very pro-Korean, and consider them to be the 'salt of the earth', so to speak. 

Perhaps Christianity also plays a part. While only about 1% of Japanese are Christian, the percentage in Korea is currently around 30%, and growing.
In Japan Christians remain small groups, with Catholics around the Nagasaki area, and Protestants near Yamaguchi-City.
If anybody is approaching you in Japan with the Bible in the hands you can be sure it's not a Japanese, but a Korean.

Japan remains a Buddhist/Shinto country while in South Korea the influence of Buddhism is strongly declining and one of the few countries where Christianity is growing.

It is true that South Korea is now the 2nd largest Christian community in Asia, after the Philippines. However in Philippines all is in a chaos, while in South Korea all is organized in every detail.

The largest group of Korean Christians are the Catholic, under the control of the Vatican and Cardinal Andrew Yeom Soo-Jung and all his many family members are active in Korean Catholic Church related functions with 2 of his brothers are bishops out of a 6th generation Catholic family, some family members were prosecuted and executed in the past solely because of their faith.

They meet for their services mostly in traditional churches - church services and music are identical to Europe. 
See the Catholic cathedral in Myongdong, Seoul with Cardinal Andrew. Mozart Coronation Mass.


There are many Protestant groups, but they all quarrel and accusing each other of being greedy for money, extorting services for free, approaching other churches and try to lure away their members or aggressively talking to people in the streets and even pushing them against their will into their churches - plenty of complaints.

However the appearance and financial power of the Protestant groups are remarkable, operating church communities with 100.000s of members. One of the largest group are the Baptists, and the Yonsei Central Church is really a huge building, it looks more like a concert hall with excellent acoustic quality, the main hall can sit over 25000 people.
Their Christmas performance is well-known with over 10.000 chorus singers and musicians.

Even if you are not a Christian, it is worth to listen to their yearly concert.
Their organization and the behavior of Koreans is impressing, people are disciplined, lining up standing almost like in the military.


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