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Personal Losses
Today our little brindle Shih Tzu left us. Brandy was a great pet and is missed. She just stopped eating and drinking, and wore out.

[img]     [/img]
I well remember little Brandy. She was sweet, even if (according to Geri) she did bark at ghosts. Well, she would look up at the skylight and bark at something. Sorry to see her go. But like I said on Facebook, we could see her again. I believe God plans to resurrect our beloved pets, and many other animals, to live with us forever in the New Earth.
I'm sorry to hear that Bill. How old was she?

Just don't wait forever to fine another to take her place. I did that with Barney, and in hindsight I know I made a mistake. After PJ died from swallowing metal that pierced her intestines, I went right out and adopted Charlie. I didn't pine over my loss, as much.

The only thing I would do differently next time would be to adopt a female shih-tzu. They are more loving and affectionate than the guys.

Anyway, sorry to hear the bad news. S11
Have a Gneiss Day!
Brandy had 2002 Canada Kennel Club papers when we got her. Her Mother was Miss Kitty Layla and her father was Billy Rae Elvis. Brindle is a rare color and she was a rare kind of Shih Tzu who never snorted or made any typical pug nose noises. Very lady-like. We have friends with the same breed, and we could always hear their dogs coming. She was cat-like in a lot of ways. She reminded me of Heinlein's Pete who always blamed his owner for not opening the doorway into Summer. Usually thought she was in-charge - probably from littering before we got her. Ron mentioned that she was notable for being able to see spirits. When Benny died, she seemed to communicate with him. When other family friends that she knew died, she seemed to see them in the air under the sky lites, and greet them as she did when they came over.

Geri is already looking through the rescue dog websites. We found a dog from New York who looks just like her, but that one was over ten years old. We don't want to go through this too often, so we'll see if we can find a pup from a reputable dealer... one that is not just a Brandy lookalike. On FOX, they just showed a dog that is good at Jenga. We'll see what happens, but there is definitely a hole in our lives.

The vet is making us a paw-print plaque. It won't need to be very big.

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