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Getting Ready For 2018 Midterms
The 2018 midterms are going to be more than interesting. And the GOP Runoffs are promising to be even more interesting. The DC elites within the GOP are collecting their revenues in order to ensure their anointed ones make the general election. But someone else is going to give them more than a run for their money: Steve Bannon.

The League of Extraordinary Candidates: Economic Nationalist Leaders Plan for Anti-Establishment Midterm Tsunami to Force Change

Here's a rundown of the Bannon sponsored candidates in the state seats for reelection.
Wyoming --- Erik Prince
Tennessee --- Marsha Blackburn
Ohio --- Josh Mandel
Wisconsin --- Kevin Nicholson
Arizona --- Kelli Ward
Nevada --- Danny Tarkanian
Missouri --- Josh Hawley
Alabama --- Roy Moore
Mississippi --- Chris McDaniel
West Virginia --- Patrick Morrissey
Montana --- Matt Rosendale
Virginia --- Corey Stewart
Florida --- Rick Scott
Quote:Conservatives and economic nationalist leaders are looking past the current dysfunction in Washington to a group of new and exciting young candidates throwing their hats in the ring nationwide to break the gridlock with midterm election victories.
This group of individuals, which some are calling “The League of Extraordinary Candidates,” is emerging nationally—a distinct slate of U.S. Senate and House candidates, as well as key gubernatorial contenders, all united in their focus on breaking the logjam in Congress. Movement leaders view establishment Republicans and Democrats alike as a force blocking, slow-walking, or stonewalling the agenda that President Donald J. Trump campaigned on, and aim to elect new voices by riding a new economic nationalist electoral wave in 2018 meant to mirror and surpass what happened in previous wave elections like 2010—which saw the rise of the Tea Party.

“We’re planning on building a broad anti-establishment coalition to replace the Republican Party of old with fresh new blood and fresh new ideas,” Andy Surabian, a senior adviser to the Great America Alliance and ex-White House aide, told Breitbart News.

My guess is that both Breitbart and Drudge, along with some others, will be putting these candidates out front and center, in order to ensure that the establishment Dumbasses don't build on their power base. I believe there will soon be a major battle, or civil war, withing the GOP. Its still going to be a hard row to hoe, but if they are not successful, there is always room for a Real Second Party instead.
Have a Gneiss Day!
Paul Ryan's challenger from 2016 is making another shot at him. But this time he is not concentrating on only one issue.

Paul Ryan Challenger Bump Fires Rifle Without Bump-Stock, Asks: ‘Will Congress Outlaw Fingers?’

Quote:Nehlen, for those unfamiliar, was the insurgent candidate who in 2016 that managed to stop the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal by getting chief cheerleader Ryan to go live on CNN and tell Manu Raju that the deal was poorly negotiated. Nehlen is challenging Paul Ryan for a second time, in an attempt to finally put a stop to the speaker’s relentless obstruction of the Trump’s administration.

In a previous interview with Big League Politics, Nehlen explained that he only had four months to campaign against Ryan during his previous bid. During that time, he was laser focused on stopping the controversial Trans Pacific Partnership — and he feels he was unable to fully introduce himself and his policies to the public. He is widely credited, however, with pressuring Ryan to finally oppose the TPP — legislation that would have been absolutely devastating to manufacturing jobs here in the US, according to experts.

Since his last campaign, Nehlen has authored a book called “Wage The Battle” about the importance of running candidates who support the ‘America First’ agenda across the nation and produced a documentary about radical Islam’s global invasion.

Paul Nehlen On Bump Fire And Suppressors

Have a Gneiss Day!
Poor Baby, a Jackass who doesn't want you to know that as a Jackass he endorsed The Beast. S13

Democrat Joe Manchin wants Hillary Clinton to stay out of West Virginia as he vies for re-election

Quote:Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin, who is up for re-election in 2018, said it "wouldn't be wise" for Hillary Clinton to campaign for him in his home state of West Virginia.

He was asked during an interview that aired Sunday on MSNBC's "Kasie DC," if he was a "dead man walking" after President Trump won West Virginia by a wide margin in the 2016 presidential contest.

"I sure don't think so," he replied, listing off his prior political posts in the state and saying of himself, "I'm just West Virginia, period. It's not Democrat, Republican to me."

Asked if he'd like Clinton to campaign for him, Manchin immediately derided the notion.

"It wouldn't be wise for Hillary to come to West Virginia. It wouldn't be a good thing for her or for me," he replied.

In other words, Please don't remind people! S13
Have a Gneiss Day!
Yep, at least the Virginia governor's position is pretty much secure for the Dumbasses, in five days.

Political Ad of Truck Stalking Minority Kids Backfires Spectacularly. This could be the thing that secures Virginia a Republican governor.

Boy, did those Jackasses really screw up,....or what?! S13

Brutal Ad.... American Nightmare | Latino Victory Fund (D) TV Ad

Have a Gneiss Day!
I'm a bit surprised here, that the DOP is actually taking the offensive and going after the Jackass socialist Left. Here's what I mean.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: The Future of the Democratic Party

Have a Gneiss Day!
And just think, this young woman has a degree in Economics, from Boston University, no less. And from what I have seen and read, she doesn't know Dick about economics, for business for that matter.

Body Language: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Congress Candidate

She's going to go far with her Socialist agenda, once her fellow Jackasses elect her to Congress. Aww

And, there's even more to be stated about the crazy kooks, in her district, who actually vote for her. S13
Have a Gneiss Day!
Even in the world of Politics, there's always room for well placed satire.  Here's what I mean.

New Russian campaign to trick Democrats in 2018 elections

[Image: 45145]

The National Intelligence Agency has found evidence that the Russians have begun a massive campaign of subversive billboard advertising to undermine the Democratic Party in the 2018 elections.

Quote:Billboards across the country funded by covert untraceable contributors are advertising that the GOP (Republican Party) is the political party of communism.

"This is very confusing to our voters, many of whom will now vote for the GOP rather than for us," said one concerned Democratic Party officer. "We are certain that as a consequence of this Russian influence operation, our base will switch parties and vote Republican in the mistaken belief that the GOP supports Soviet-style totalitarian socialism."

"As a result of this election fraud, many of our supporters who usually vote for the destruction of America, will instead be tricked into voting for a strong America. We cannot allow this to happen," a Democratic intelligence source told CNN.

"I've always supported communism," said ex-CIA chief John Brennan. "And this conflation of our sacred symbols with the Republican Party feels like a blasphemy to me and my comrades in the intelligence community. This is not who we are!"

The Democratic Party has called for a formal investigation into these new dirty tricks aimed to undermine our democracy.
Have a Gneiss Day!
How does the new deal with Mexico affect the elections? Maybe none?

It's as if a leftist negotiated it. You guys read the stuff Trump wanted? Guaranteed wages, more domestic content( north America).
How about this?
Dick Morris hits the nail on the head, when he explains why the Democrats really deserve having a Jackass representing them. Liberals Progressives never seem to learn common sense. Their emotional imbalance prevents them from using logic. S13

Democrats Fall Off The Deep End! Dick Morris TV: Lunch ALERT!

Have a Gneiss Day!
(09-05-2018, 10:22 AM)John L Wrote: Dick Morris hits the nail on the head, when he explains why the Democrats really deserve having a Jackass representing them...

Reasonable - and that without tying in the complicit media. Not to mention our education system, Students will not study any of this.
Polls aren't looking so good for the GOP right now. Ted Cruz is vulnerable and if Texas is questionable, there's no place the Trump Party can get a majority easily.

The GOP would be wise to distance itself from this inveterate liar and racist.
(09-05-2018, 06:15 PM)Palladin Wrote: ...The GOP would be wise to distance itself from this inveterate liar and racist.

Except that he is not a liar nor a racist. You, however, are inveterately gullible.
GOP On Track For 4-5 Seat Senate Majority! Dick Morris TV: Lunch ALERT!

Have a Gneiss Day!
Holy Cow, I'm impressed. The Dumbasses are really riled up this time. Shock

Kavanaugh Effect: GOP Fundraising Up 500 Percent in Past Few Weeks

Its not over yet, but it looks as though the Right is all fired up, and ready to rock come November midterms. Keep those fingers crossed.
Have a Gneiss Day!
And how 'bout this. Jackasses are relying on Millennials to bolster their votes this election time.  They all talk as though this is going to make the Big Difference.  

Well, here's an indication as to just how fired up and ready to pull the lever, these Millennials are.  

Hilarious Video of Clueless Millennials Saying They're Not Going to Vote
Have a Gneiss Day!
Four Democrats Caught in Voter Fraud Ring Targeting Seniors in Fort Worth

The only way they'll get elected in Texas.
The true purpose of democracy is not to select the best leaders — a clearly debatable obligation — but to facilitate the prompt and peaceful removal of obviously bad ones. 
Something tells me this guy is going to have a new job, come November. S13

Ferrara Doesn't Care What You Think

Have a Gneiss Day!
(10-14-2018, 11:09 AM)John L Wrote: Something tells me this guy is going to have a new job, come November. S13
Dick Morris is closely following the trend lines of this upcoming midterm election, and he sees a true movement in the direction of the GOP.

GOP On A Roll…House Control In Sight! Dick Morris TV: Lunch ALERT!

Have a Gneiss Day!

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