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New SyFy Shows on TV
I rather like The Orville. I wish it were not so humorous, but there is serious drama with a point to their stories so far. The last one seemed reminiscent of Isaac Asimov's classic short story, "Nightfall." The one episode of Star Trek Discovery that CBS broadcast was not too bad, though their technology was comparatively advanced for being a prequel to Kirk's Star Trek. Both the captain and the first officer are women, which is probably just being politically correct; but it is interesting that the vulcan first officer dared to go as far as she did because she knew she was right, and the captain was too stupid to appreciate her counsel. I generally am ambivalent about the X-Men universe (I haven't even bothered to see the latest installment), but The Gifted (last night) was interesting. Whether they can sustain a compelling story line is questionable. Inhumans was interesting, but it is too early to tell if the writers will be able to put together a story line that is worth watching over time. Having a king who dares not speak because his voice is super-destructive, is rather a clever dramatic situation. I just don't know what to make of the giant basset hound who can teleport.(!)

I spend more time watching my DVDs of various favorite series than watching new TV shows. I am currently re-watching (for the third time) the complete Fringe series. That was one great series! Anything J.J. Abrams is associated with, is usually pretty good. Real science fiction!

Does anyone else have any opinions on these new shows yet?
My son from Tennessee came up for the funeral of his wife's dad. Rudy was Oakland County Road Commissioner and quite central in GOP politics in Michigan. The family was running all over the place for the last few days, but Gerard had time to show me a DVD of season two of The Expanse! I've gotta say, this one got past me and is definitely the top production in the genre. Better graphics than Star Wars, for sure. Each episode looked like it had a year of computer generated graphics. I don't know how it was done, but kudos to them.

Characters are great, too.
Here's something else new, which is about to come out.

Altered Carbon: First teaser trailer for stunning Netflix sci-fi series

I've never read anything by Richard K. Morgan before, so I am totally clueless about what to expect.  But I see that Altered Carbon is just the first of a three novel series.  

Altered Carbon | Date Announcement [HD] | Netflix



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