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The Life of Confused Millennial Chick Snowflakes
I realize that many of these Snowflakes are dangerous to others, and to themselves, but they are still funny to follow.  They have been indoctrinated by a Progressive education system, and are now confused over what they should do with themselves.  But when they have this choice to follow their misguided thoughts, or follow their needs, the later will somehow win the day.  

A Must Read First article to set the scene. S22

Help, I Can't Stop Hooking Up With Trump Supporters

This woman is definitely confused about how the universe works, but she does know one thing.  Real Men are Hot, and turn her on, unlike their own male Snowflakes who she claims to agree with.   Even her hormones know better.  S13

[Image: Greatest-Generation-Snowflake-Generation...C322&ssl=1]

I recommend reading the one above before following up with Megan Fox's follow up on PJMedia.  If you read the Snowflake's article first, Megan Fox's follow up will be so much more enlightening And Funny.  

Millennial Chick Can't Stop Having Sex with Trump Supporters

Quote:No woman wants a man she can push around, walk all over, or beat in an arm-wrestling match. Politics be damned. That's not how biology works. (Now, I realize I may be talking to biology deniers, but you asked "why can't I stop?" and this is why. Biology.) Women are naturally attracted to alpha males and not that gamma guy in a onesie with fragile wrists. The left has emasculated their men to the point of putting them in dresses and sending them into the ladies' room. It's no wonder you need to shop outside your herd. Why the heck wouldn't you?

The reality you're facing is that your guys are the ones getting a wedgie and ours are the ones you want to go home with. I don't blame you.

Biology also tells us that once these misguided flakes wind up marrying their choice, and have one or more kids, they have a better than average chance of having their world views drastically change. And there is more than just 'Biology' involved here. Its called 'Responsibility' as a mate and parent.
All men are frauds. The only difference between them is that some admit it. I myself deny it.
H. L. Mencken

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