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Change Your Password Now, 711 Million Email IDs Hacked
Change Your Password Now, 711 Million Email IDs Hacked

I did a check, I have 5 email addresses, two have been compromised.
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How do I know this site will not capture my email ID because I logged in to their website? Most of the people and companies I communicate with have my email ID, by our own mutual choice, so they can reply to me. The credit card companies I pay online require that I give them my email ID and phone number. Also my bank routing number and my account number. Personal passwords are another matter, of course. I have passwords for each of the businesses I do business with (many of them also require a security question). but I have never given out the password for my email account, which is via Comcast. Has Comcast been hacked? I have heard that Yahoo has been hacked. But I never had an email account with Yahoo.

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