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Deer in Back Yard
We had two bucks, look like eight-pointers, in our back yard about 7 A.M., this morning, 8/27/2017. The one pictured is eating grapes. The grapevine is located about 25 feet from the back of our house. I took the picture from our kitchen window, using my digital camera. I had it set for its maximum 5X optical zoom, but I was not able to hold my hands as steady as I needed to. The picture appended here is the least blurry of the ones I took. The sun had not risen yet, so the light was dim. At the same time the buck pictured was eating our grapes, his brother was at the far back corner of our yard, eating something from plants in the fence.

They had the same size antlers, indicating they were the same age. They are probably brothers. A few years ago, every once in a while we would see a doe and two fawns just past the fence in our back yard, where there is a very small brushy area. We had left the gate open the past few days. I think this must be the same two fawns we saw years ago, all grown up. I am glad they have survived this long. Last summer I saw the doe crossing the street in front of me when I was pulling up to the house. But I have not seen her since. I hope she is OK.

We do not live in the open country! The city of Troy, Michigan, where we live, is a northern suburb of Detroit. We have a fairly large suburban lot, 100' by 200'. But the neighborhood is fully developed with houses. Apparently there are some wild animals that have managed to live among humans. Deer are certainly safe here, where no hunting could possibly be permitted. Small children live next door. Our property extends about ten feet beyond our back fence, and the area has grown up into a lot of brush and some trees. There are some brushy corners of the neighbors' yards, too--all providing temporary havens for deer. I don't know where they go when they are not here; they must make regular rounds of various suburban lots like ours.


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