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Was Charlottesville Riot a Prearranged Plot?
The more I see and read about this Cluster-Foxtrot, the more I am convinced that someone(Plural) actually used this demonstration to purposefully create a killing field in order to stir up anarchy.   By accomplishing the favorite tactic of the Left, it is anarchy that is the goal so as to tear down the existing system.  

Here's what I mean: This eyewitness to the violence in Charlottesville tells his story

Quote:Chris Salcedo welcomed an eyewitness on today’s “Chris Salcedo Show.” Lee, who only used his first name because he fears extremist retaliation, says he is not a white supremacist. He joined Unite the Right’s efforts to protect a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee with a group of multi-racial persons who wanted to preserve a historical monument.

He said he and his companions – black, Hispanic, and mixed ethnicity – ultimately felt duped when they realized the event “definitely wasn’t as advertised.” He also said the left leaning protesters there were armed with bottles of acid and balloons filled with paint and urine, as well as other substances he thought might be chemical drain opener.

Charlottesville police chief Al Thomas had told reporters after the incident: “We did have mutually combating individuals in the crowd.”

Lee believed the tense situation was “definitely set up” by the local police. He described re-rerouted parking that funneled the two opposing protest groups together, with crowd control measures that made it incredibly difficult to leave.

Other witnesses have reported that police seemed to take a hands-off approach to the violence.

The fact that both state and city police were there in force, and did absolutely nothing seems to indicate to me that there is a good possibility that this was orchestrated from the state level.  The mayor of Charlottesville is a Democrat, as well as the governor.  And I'm not saying that they had their hands in the "Unite the Right" organization.  But by setting up counter protests in other nearby areas, And ensuring that the parking was used to handle both sides of the issue, it forced them together, and tells me that this was a concerted effort to set up the possibility for violence, which could automatically be played to attack the "Unite the Right" crowd.  

Am I making sense here?
All men are frauds. The only difference between them is that some admit it. I myself deny it.
H. L. Mencken
Jason Kessle, the organizer of the violent rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, was until recently a Barack Obama supporter and was also a member of the leftist radical Occupy Wall Street Movement, according to a report from a hard-left activist group. Why Was “Crowds on Demand” Recruiting $25 An Hour ‘Political Activists’ In Charlotte Last Week? It sure appears to be a setup to me.
The true purpose of democracy is not to select the best leaders — a clearly debatable obligation — but to facilitate the prompt and peaceful removal of obviously bad ones. 
The reason it is happening is best explained here: (It is all about controlling an incorrect narrative)
For some reason, Ben Shapiro thinks this could be ESPN's undoing.

Why The Robert Lee Story May Be The Nail In ESPN’s Coffin

Glenn Beck is almost certainly right here in his recommendation. If we are going to get at ESPN's leftist proclivities, the best approach is to "Go after the Mouse". Disney owns ESPN, and only they can really feel the pinch. Quit going to Disneyland, don't buy Disney items. Quit helping to feed their desire for more profits. Go After The Mouse!
All men are frauds. The only difference between them is that some admit it. I myself deny it.
H. L. Mencken
They said, "It's a shame that this is even a topic of conversation and we regret that who calls play-by-play for a football game has become an issue."

What is a shame is that it never was an issue - but they treated it as if it was.

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