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Unknown American Hero, who personally saved...
......over a quarter of a million Christians from the slaughter and rape of Smyrna, in 1922.  It was the final chapter if the first genocide of the 20th Century.  If you mention the name of Oskar Schindler, everyone knows how he personally saved over 1,200 Jews from the NAZI death camps.  But mention the name of Asa Jennings, and everyone's eyes glaze over and they say "Huh, who's he?"  

The truth is that Asa Jennings is a great American hero, who should be on the tip of everyone's lips, because he personally led the effort to save well over 250,000 helpless Christians from the hand of the Islamic Turks, as the systematically raped, pillaged, and burned the most prosperous city of Anatolia.  It was the closing chapter of the great genocide that Turkey refuses to acknowledge, even to this day.  

In fact, Erdogan is in the process of going through his own Final Solution in order to finally rid Turkey of all Christians living there.  He has been systematically nationalizing Christian churches, and taking away private property of Turkish Christians.  And he's getting away with it too.

My alarm comes on at 7AM to the radio, and I was listening to it when the host interviewed a historian, who was discussing perhaps the greatest unknown American hero, and nobody knows anything about him.  I was completely engrossed with the interview, and when it was over, I got up and began researching about this Asa Jennings fellow.  He was the most unassuming hero you would ever hope to hear about.  

The American who saved 250,000 from death during the Armenian genocide

Lou Ureneck on THE GREAT FIRE

[Image: smyrna.jpeg?itok=WaKHazYt]

Here's a detailed description of the events, given by Lou Ureneck, the author of his book, The Great Fire: The Great Fire: One American's Mission to Rescue Victims of the 20th Century's First Genocide.

Lou Ureneck: The Great Fire


The title should be, "Unknown Christian Hero" to be most appropriate. Him being from here has nothing to do with him being driven by Christ into self sacrificial love like that.

He would have been like that had he been from somewhere else.

Not to mention this story shows the US state agents acting like the devil in this humanitarian crisis. We were doing business as usual while the smell of dead bodies was getting bad.

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