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New Illness tied to heavy Marijuana Use
Sorry for the suffering.  I know you hate Sessions, but I think it would be the same either way.  The Obama administration looked the other way but certainly didn't do anything to alter federal law.  Politicians on both sides have their hands in the Pharma companies pockets, so it's unlikely things will change very soon.

On the up side of seeing rationality revisited, Industrial Hemp has been overlooked but it's on it's way to becoming a multi-billion dollar business.  I talked with a guy with a business that develops seed stocks this last weekend.  Very nice guy an down to earth. Also an engineer ...  I think maybe a ChemE.  He indicated it was pretty lucrative (though still very regulated ... I think they have to verify < 0.3% THC).  I didn't realize how lucrative until I saw him drive away in what I would guess was about a $70K brand new Mercedes coupe.  

Our legislature salivated over the tax revenues and the pot guys salivated over the smokable product.  But this opens the flood gates to a new old industry that has the potential to be the saving salvation to a bunch of farmers ... as well as new jobs for those that work with doing awesome things with the fiber itself.   It's a game changer in plain sight that very few people actually 'see'.
"Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard."
-- Henry Mencken
I don't hate Sessions, but, I have people like him in my family so I get personal about the "I am a pagan god" syndrome. I frame it that way cause the real God doesn't act that way. They are definitely not mimicking Christ.

He's a red neck fundamentalist. He would rather arrest 5 million pot smokers than stop the starvation of 50 million people. "Drugs, sex and rock&roll" is all there is that's bad on earth. It's the way I was raised in church.

Heck, the way I was raised as a kid in church, if you avoided drinking liquor you could hold black people in utter contempt, be for segregation ,say grace over dinner and you were a good Christian. They really missed the point of what the Lord wants of us and I'm fearful Sessions is like this.

"Hate your next door neighbor, but, don't forget to say grace".

Anyway, you're right on pot, it has negatives to it for sure. However, the positive benefits outweigh them. The problem is this debate is stuck on the "leftist pro drug./rightist anti drug" paradigm so when facts are presented that indicate this stuff is darn good, we tend to turn it off and not seriously consider the facts.
Isn't that always the poser? Everything can be good or bad. One can't outlaw bad without outlawing good. The best we can do is teach moderation and circumspection. Do what's right even when using bad to do it?

The East teach yin and yang. The Bible teaches free will. The Prohibition Law taught that nothing is one-sided.
We learned not to do prohibition with alcohol and due to Nixon we unlearned those lessons and it was all to get back at his political enemy. John Ehrlichman is on tape saying Nixon wanted to get even with blacks, hippies and Jews. That's all this entire drug war was about and it's dramatically increased the problem while aggrandizing violent gangs here and abroad.

Not just pot, all of it.
No, Nixon wasn't a hound from Hell who hated everyone. He was such a good debater that he won most every argument he entertained. No need to act like a demigod. Ehrlichman interpreted innocent things wrongly all the time. There are many causes of the drug war, and Nixon was not the prime mover. That crack about hating Blacks, hippies, and Jews could be addressed to Margaret Sanger and most Southern Democrats - but not Nixon.

Nixon was no saint but he was never evil incarnate.
Listen to Nixon's tapes on his contempt for Jews & blacks, Erlichman's comments in Harper's magazine detail how Nixon developed the drug war to persecute blacks and leftists. Try getting into reality William, it's actually a neat thing. Nixon's comments could have been made by Hitler, same viewpoint towards Jews, "born spies". Is there anything a GOP member can do that meets your disapproval? Like a holocaust or something like that?
And speaking of cannabis use, this study is over two years old now, but it shows that....

Quote:Medical cannabis laws are associated with significantly lower state-level opioid overdose mortality rates. Further investigation is required to determine how medical cannabis laws may interact with policies aimed at preventing opioid analgesic overdose.

But this one is new. Patients suffering from chronic pain, anxiety and depression are moving away from prescription opiods, to pot, in states that have legalized medical cannabis use.

Quote:Published in the Journal of Pain Research, the results show that 46  percent of people who used cannabis at least once within the previous 90 days used it as a substitute for prescription drugs that treat pain, anxiety, and depression. The investigators surveyed nearly 3,000 respondents from all over the United States (as well as participants from Canada and Europe). The findings serve as the latest bit of news demonstrating a growing trend of medical cannabis use for conditions traditionally treated with prescription medications.

This raises serious questions about the label of pot being a "gateway drug".  It appears that prescription opiods may well be the ultimate gateway, leading to greater abuse in the long run.

It doesn't raise questions John, that's a big lie and always has been. You smoked the stuff, you disliked it , did you want to go from that to cocaine or heroin? No, just like 95% of all other people who have smoked pot.

Personally, I liked it when I got high ~ 18 years old. I did it for about 3 years and then got married and my wife said, "not gonna happen here anymore" and I stopped.

Marijuana is one of the best things God created. I watched a retired Harvard professor years ago give a presentation on this stuff. Probably around 2000.

His entire professional career was studying it's effects on humans. He said this, "I never smoked it myself, but, I bet I know more than any human on earth it's effects on people".

His conclusions were as follows:

1) while it is not entirely benign, it is close. The worst problem with marijuana? It has Tar in it like tobacco does and that is bad for us.

He also added the negatives such as "loss of ambition/laziness" idea was largely false. To cause such you would need to smoke so much your lungs would burn up. My cousin nearly did and he died sharp as a tack. That problem would be there independent of pot is his view.

As far as "gateway" drug, he said that entire view is false, but, if there is an illegal drug all addicts first used, it was a cigarettes first use as kids.

2) Alcohol and tobacco are worse by logarithmic factors even in moderate usage.

3) He had a list of positive benefits that were too long to discuss in 1 hour.

You and I feel most of us are victims of a big lie about this stuff.

Probably because we were anti hippy in our youth and they made it popular. Nixon, according to Erhlichman, wanted to get even with hippies and blacks for opposing him and they put the war on drugs into effect and started filling our prisons with smokers and dealers of weed.

For reactionary, political, get even thought processes.

Then Reagan adds layers of new laws and more and more go to prison for consumption of various drugs. What I bet you do not know is that Bush jr added a new "anti drug" campaign that the public is not aware of.

It's called the "Patriot Act". 75% of all convictions under that are drug offenses. Plus, it is effectively turning America into a police state.

If you have the time, look up again that expose I told you about our association with the Sinaloa cartel, "Mexico's secret war on drugs". Then, watch the recent History channel's "America's secret War on Drugs".

If it were not for the USA, the heroin problem could never have become what it has( it began due to our war in Laos of all places and was placed on more steroids via our war in Afghanistan), LSD would not have been introduced into human society( the CIA owned every synthesized molecule of that stuff in 1960 and used it all on unwitting citizens and some liked it and voila!), cocaine could not have become what it did and modern legal opioids would not be killing more people than traffic accidents.

Not all of our culpability is due to direct liability, lots of it was "drugs are better than communists or the Taliban".

However, beginning with the survivors of the Bay of Pigs( 40 men led by Felix Rodriguez), from there to Laos' Vang Pao( that's why I asked if you knew of him), to a CIA backed drug lord taking over Bolivia named Suarez around 1980, to funding of the Nicaraguan contras( Rodriguez plays the huge role there AND Oliver North admitted in sworn testimony we were trading drugs to fund the contras???), to assisting Sinaloa to corner the Mexican drug flow market, to the increase of heroin trade from Afghanistan by 3000% since 2001 all these events were a drug lord's dream on steroids.

You start to wonder if it's all coincidence. Did we just have the option, communism/Taliban or poisoning X amount of the world population? The CIA is so corrupt it's astonishing.

Did the POTUS' & congresses know of these details and approve them along the way? No way to know.

On the other hand, we have these anti drug laws becoming more and tighter, our prison population is unbelievable compared to all others. Fight it on one hand, abet it on the other.

Arrest 1 Afghan drug lord, protect others.

Karzai's brother is the biggest heroin dealer on earth for example. Bet the arrested guy was Karzai's opponent. Think it was a coincidence the CIA elected Karzai to be our boy? I don't and I cannot believe all these "drug exports on steroids" are all coincidences.

It's policy, IMO. Just who runs it is the question. I am going to guess most top guys were not aware of this. The CIA needs to be defunded and shut down, notice they never know didly about major events beginning with the USSR/China split, so the idea they are also protecting us is open to valid question.

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