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Ice Cream Lovers with a Calorie Problem
As most of you may already know, I am an ice cream addict.  Unfortunately, ice cream contains an awful lot of calories that tend to get stored in the body as fat.  So, I tend to do without for a few months, then get a horrible craving and then go hog wild for a few days, until reality takes strikes Aww .  

I used to be able to eat anything and everything,....until about the age of twenty.  Then suddenly, a certain switch got turned off inside my body, and its been downhill ever since.  But I have some potentially great news, because I have discovered some ice cream that is right about at half the calories of regular ice cream.  Yippee!

In fact, I'm eating some of it right now. This vanilla is simply wonderful! S22

I shop at several grocery stores, because one tends to be better at one thing than the other.  Kroger has great produce, and good meat prices.  WalMart has really good prices on almost everything, and they have a lot of sales on items that will soon expire.  And Aldis is great for the basics, as long as you know that they are not a premium outlet.  

I like to stroll through Walmart and check out the sales, and when I head out with my purchases, I almost always wind up moving down the frozen isle where the ice cream resides.  And I alway stop and drool over the delicious looking brands and flavors.  Sigh.  

I'm also a calorie counter, so I already know that 48oz container contains 12 servings and the calorie count is almost always 160 calories.  If you go with frozen yogurts, it is down to about 120-130.  And some of the diet ice cream are about 110 calories.  

So I was looking at WalMart's home brand, Great Value, and I kept noticing that there were several different types of the same basic ice creams.  The containers were almost identical.  And there on one of the shelves was one set that had "Fat Free" and "No Added Sugar" on the cover.  I'm a huge 'Mint Chocolate Chip' person, so I reached for that flavor, and looked at the calorie count.  It said "90 calories" per serving.  What!  That didn't seem right, so I looked again.  Butter pecan was also "90 calories".  Wow!  But then I checked the chocolate and vanilla and they were "70 calories".  Holy Cow, how do they do that!?  

Well, I've tried the mint chocolate chip and the butter pecan, and the butter pecan is really good.  But today I decided to try out the vanilla and the chocolate.  I'm trying the vanilla right now, and it is simply heavenly.  I'm not a real vanilla person, but I Love this one an awful lot.  I'll try the chocolate tomorrow.  

Now, I went to the internet and checked on a person's average calorie intake per day.  And I realize that I can really have my cake and eat it as well.  This is fantastic! And on top of it all, I found that if I eat just a little bit, several times a day, my hunger doesn't come on strong.  

If you are an ice cream person like me, this is Great News!   Here's what it looks like.

[Image: 4c9740cf-f6df-4fb5-9e4f-941210d62bca_1.3...nBg=FFFFFF]
[Image: b92a1492-91e9-4bac-8774-59625e34fca0_1.5...nBg=FFFFFF]
Have a Gneiss Day!
[Image: Private+Selection+Amaretto+Cherry+Cordial+Ice+Cream.JPG]

Best ever. My weakness, too. I've taken to eating a Cherry/Pineapple popsickle when it gets too hard.

[Image: 00011110575746_full.jpg]
That Amaretto Cherry Cordial Ice Cream looks great. Unfortunately, it has 210 calories per serving, while the one I mentioned has only 70 per serving. I'll have to stick with the other one if I want to keep the weight down. Spiteful
Have a Gneiss Day!

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