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Story of Modern Slavery
Man, this is one weird deal.
What's so weird about it? In fact as terrible as it seems, Lola was better off than the majority of slaves living today.

Did you know that there are more slaves around the world today than when the New World was discovered? And did you know that the Immoral, and Evil, US has the lowest percentage of slaves living here than any large populated country? Its an evil that is almost impossible to eradicate, but we don't tolerate it here.

You can learn about modern slavery and also the sex trafficking trade by just doing a simple search. But here's a start: Countries with the most enslaved people.
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Never mind John.
(05-17-2017, 03:15 PM)John L Wrote: What's so weird about it?  In fact as terrible as it seems, Lola was better off than the majority of slaves living today.

Not sure I buy the whole story. In the US, all Lola had to do was tell anyone that she was being held as a slave, and her life would have improved.
Her life's frame of reference didn't militate toward that. She was born into a culture that held slaves, that was her lot and she served her masters superbly. I doubt she ever learned to read, probably never spoke English, never watched TV etc. In her frame of reference, she may as well have been in the Phillipines.

The thought of fleeing her owners was never a consideration.

It's touching at the end how when she could have gotten even, but, as a virtuous lady she refused to, but, loved her master and showed it. It is also touching how her slave owner most likely was in full repentance on her last day, touching her head was about all she could do at that point.

Tremendous human story. Odd, but, touching as well.

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