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Soil Blockers
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Have a Gneiss Day!
I have no idea what that is.
What do you intend growing in the blocks?
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(04-29-2017, 04:33 PM)WarBicycle Wrote: What do you intend growing in the blocks?

All sorts of things, including vegetables and flowers.  

I'm sorry for confusing others, but I had to have a place to park this picture.  I was commenting on the soil blocker made out of the schedule 40 pipe with the fellow who put it out on Youtube.

Soil Block Maker - New and Improved

I'm always into researching practically everything I do, so I was checking out all of the different possible soil blockers that are out there.  His example of soil blocker maker is a nice one, and quite practical.  I also have pretty much all of the parts down in my shop, so I grabbed my 2" pvc stock, cut it and then made the plunge/handle parts on my drill press.  

It works pretty good, but the inside of the pvc pipe is not as smooth or frictionless as I like.  So I went looking on the internet again, to see if I could find a better solution.  That's when I found this next video from a lady, obviously from 'down under', describing her use of a balloon pump to help her make her soil blocks.  

Make your own Soil Blocker from a Balloon Pump

I said "Wow, that's neat.  I need to make one of those!"  So I started checking out how to get one on the cheap around here, and lo and behold, Dollar Tree was selling them for a dollar apiece.  There is one of them located in the same little shopping center as the Wal-Mart grocery store I go to, so I went down there and picked up a few of them for the outrageous price of 1$ each.  Then I took them home and began experimenting on them.  

The Plus on these, besides being cheap as all get out, is that the inside of the tube is so smooth and slick that the soil block just slides out so smoothly.  Also, everything is there, built into the unit.  The only thing I needed to add was the the quarter inch hex headed screw and the quarter inch threaded bolt. I can now make one from a balloon pump in a matter of about ten minutes.

The minus on them is that they are not as sturdy as the pvc soil block maker.  But most of the pressure is spent packing the machine and then depositing them on to a level surface.   I did fifty-five of them last night in one sitting.
Have a Gneiss Day!

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