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No Car, No Maj
Social Security just deposited into my mother's account essentially the same amount they had been before--maybe a couple of dollars difference. Apparently what they meant to say, but didn't, was that they made the adjustment 31 years ago, when my mother first submitted her claim as a widow to social security benefits from my father's account. They made the adjustment back then to deduct 2/3 of the amount of her pension from the social security monthly payment. Ever since, they have been paying her around $918 a month--which apparently is much less than what she would have been entitled to if she did not have her pension from the Post Office. The way the original letter was written, it made it look like the deduction they were making was a NEW deduction, rather than the same original deduction they have been making every month for 31 years. My sister (who also is on the account with my mother) was able to check the bank balance statement, and Social Security did pay the usual $918 a month on May 3, when all the changes were supposed to go into effect.

I wonder how many other seniors in a similar situation were made to believe they were going to have a new huge deduction from their monthly payment. I wonder if any of them had a heart attack and died. Whoever writes these letters for the Social Security Administration is grievously incompetent.
Well dang, at least it's good news in the end.
Yes. And maybe it is just as well I got out of my car lease. The amount of the insurance was just too much! Half again as much as the lease payment itself. But I still need to wait and see how much Chevrolet is going to charge me for getting out of the lease early. At least I brought the car back when it had only 1,003 miles on it. They said they have to put it up for auction. The process could take up to 90 days. I am hoping they will be lenient because of what we thought was happening to my mother's Social Security payment. As I have said, the Lord will do something. He always does.

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