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Ron's Religions posts moved to Religion Section

God does not change of course, but, the perception ancient Jews had of God and the perception Christians have of God based on looking at Jesus' life and death should be different. Jesus is the exact icon of God and ancient Jews didn't have that to guide them like we do.

They expected their Messiah to do kill most the gentiles. That is not what Jesus is about.

Jesus elevated the expectations God has of humanity in many ways and it's this simple, love God and love your neighbor as yourself. That makes violence something for only the most extreme situations.

I agree about gentiles being grafted in to the true vine, Israel. Not sure what I said that led you to think otherwise.

This discussion is about perceptions of who and what God is. I see Jesus on the cross praying for those murdering Him and see a quality of virtue and love that transcends such inane crap as "Americans are exceptional, Americans have the right to kill foreigners who don't do as we say", etc.

That stuff is blatant idolatry and I'm done with it. Americans are no less sinful than Bulgarians or Mongolians.
One of the greatest things about Christianity was the concept that God made the Universe using unchanging laws that can be understood, and in that understanding of science give far greater ability to understand God. Ancient Greece and Rome never had the scientific method. They never tested basic accepted knowledge. That is the charge of living.
I agree with this to the extent Gentiles came to worship the God of the Jews via Jesus because Jews already had the same view of God and His creation, they just didn't have time before Christ to learn all we eventually have learned.

Ancient pagans saw their pantheons in what theologians call "continuity" which means things like you and I could become a god because we are qualitatively the same as the gods.

Whereas the God of the Jews is seen as "transcendent" above and better than creation and that aspect is likely why Jews and Christians saw the creation as worthy of inspection. Cause the transcendent God made it so it has to be majestic and worthy of our efforts.

Why would we see it that way if we believed in Zeus who was nothing but a powerful cad?

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