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The Obama Spying Scandal
Perhaps I think pot is benevolent compared to opioids. The data supports that thought.

Here's the anti opioid arm of the US Justice dept Trump and his fundamentalist clown AG want to eliminate:

Here's evidence Sessions is a thoughtless, red neck fundamentalist who thinks executing pot dealers is good public policy. This guy makes ISIS look merciful:

Here below Jeff Sessions says they will responsibly enforce federal marijuana laws, which are unconstitutional since the 10th prohibits the feds making laws that are not clearly delineated to them in the rest of the document:

Here, Sessions ridicules hard, peer reviewed data about how effective pot is for this and that, including getting an addict off opioids. His fundamentalist mind can't accept it could be wrong, who cares about data and more important, people?

Below, the tea party led congress just told Sessions to kiss their ass:

Conclusion. Our current POTUS and AG want to shut down anti opioid work, they want to enforce anti marijuana work, they want to ignore the use of marijuana to help against the opioid crisis which is data driven and the AG supported a bill ***to execute marijuana dealers***.

This is Carrie Nation or ISIS with the power of the US federal state behind it.

You 2 don't mind this? Or are you 2 just not capable of admitting we have us a mentally unbalanced crew in the WH? With all our problems, this fundamentalist clown is focusing on a natural product that is very beneficial to humanity at the expense of all other problems, like part of his own Justice department has a deal with the Sinaloa cartel, maybe Jeff should look into that deal? Or maybe outlaw beer and whiskey since it's way worse than pot for us( just kidding).

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