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Oroville Dam Flooding Crisis
It looks like the Feds are going to be pulling Kalifornicia's fat out of the fire on the Oroville Dam spill.

Feds Spend $22.8 Million Helping California Fix The Dam It Neglected For Years

Quote:California is receiving $22.8 million from federal disaster officials to aid in cleanup procedures for the February collapse of the Oroville River Dam spillway, the Federal Emergency Management Agency announced Wednesday.

The Oroville River Dam crisis led Lake Oroville to overflow and endangered hundreds of thousands of people.

Both federal and state governments had been warned about the condition of the spillway from as far back as 2005. The crisis caused $500 million in damages. California contends the federal government should pay 75 percent but, depending on the findings of federal investigators, the state may receive significantly less, the Ventura County Star reports.

“That [$22.8 million] was just the first of many reimbursements,” California Department of Water Resources (DWR) spokeswoman Erin Mellon said, according to the Ventura County Star.

Despite what Mellon says, emergency federal funds to the state may be cut off if federal regulators believe the crisis was caused by lack of routine maintenance.

“Is there a maintenance issue here, because they’re not going to cover that. If it’s an emergency response, they’re going to cover,” then-DWR director Bill Croyle told lawmakers in May according to the Ventura County Star.

Three environmental groups filed a petition to Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to reinforce the Oroville River Dam spill in 2005. The groups claimed that the dam, completed in 1968, did not meet modern safety standards. FERC rejected the petition on the advice of the California DWS, The Mercury News reports.

During the dam’s last inspection in 2015, regulators inspected the spillway “from some distance,” the regulators’ report said according to the Redding Record Searchlight.

Soo, the the $22.8 million is just a down payment, and the title is totally misleading, eh? Why am I not surprised. Gah
--- SCHiST Happens! ---
Now, isn't this sweet. Kalifornica bureaucrats have managed to dump an estimated $500 million dollars into rebuilding the ruined Oroville Dam spillway. And guess what...........? Spiteful

Quote:Unbelievable: New $500 million Oroville dam spillway already has cracks

Readers may recall that in February 2017, the spillway at Oroville dam eroded and collapsed due to the massive amount of water from El Nino weather pattern induced storms eroding concrete that had cracks in it that had not been properly maintained. The state DWR agency spent an estimated $500 million to rush a new spillway replacement into service by November 1st. Now it appears this rush job has cracks in the steel reinforced concrete, repeating the same start of the scenario that caused the collapse in the first place.

But it is the excuses that are being made for this by the bureaucrats, that are enough to cause a severe mental breakdown. Go read the letter and the marked explanation. It should be enough to make anyone sane person wish for a special day of the year, where hunting bureaucrats is legal. After all, its the only way to keep their numbers down, and keep the system from going bankrupt. Gah
--- SCHiST Happens! ---
Well, here we go again.  The Oroville dam complex is about to be sorely tested, and the runoff may well be worse than two years ago.  In fact, the lake level is less than three feet under the spillway, and the spring runoff is just beginning.   Shock

Lake Oroville nearing spillway level – watch using a new tool

Critics are stating that the spillway is poorly constructed.  If it is, the bureaucrats in Californicia are going to have egg on their faces.

--- SCHiST Happens! ---
Its almost time for the Big Test out in Kalifornicia Land.  This winter has been filled with lots and lots of snow and rain, and the California drought is Over!

Rebuilt Oroville Dam Spillway Appears To Be Nearing 1st Test

--- SCHiST Happens! ---

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