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Intellectual Warriors Against Islam
John, I don't know. I also didn't know that.
Meet Maryam Namazie:

Fled Iran in 1980. Fights against Islam and the defense of apostates since.
Kathy Zhu, 19, said ‘no thank you’ at World Hijab Day's booth.
The the Muslim Student Association starts a tweeter war to try to get her sacked from University.

[Image: World-Hijab-day-Florida-1024-600.jpg]

[Image: Kathy-Zhu-inside-tweet.jpg]link 2

The funniest is the use of the "We Can Do It!" poster for their hijab propaganda.
New islamists more and more often use feminist themes. We can call it Islamofeminism.

And femenists, because they are usualy leftists, support it. Eventhought it's in total oposite to feminism.

The "We Can Do It!" was not originaly feminist (it was drawn by a man) but a WarTime propaganda poster.

[Image: 27173602_1941091742585389_69819357532675...e=5B22A188]
[Image: 463px-We_Can_Do_It%21.jpg]
Seen on the internet:
[Image: 27748292_1952600061434557_68481065330353...e=5B24DB1E]

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