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The Trump Blitz
Only clueless people accept the lies told about Trump's personality. Those that know him all agree he is a good man.

What does that make those who believe the image crafted of him by the complicit media?
I don't know William.

I see how he treated Ted Cruz's wife, the parents of the dead soldier, the lies he's told and being how I was raised, I can discern he's a heartless, narcissitic ass.

You can't.

So, maybe it's you that has some severe problems you're not prepared to confront yet.

Did your parents teach you it was good to ridicule mentally ill folks or grieving parents of dead soldiers? if not, what the FUCK is your excuse?
No - you can't. The reaction to Cruz was totally predictable based on attacks made against Trump. Why is it that the referee always penalizing the response to a foul? It's because the first action that caused the problem was intentionally hidden and the only one who knows what happened was the one it was done to. When this happens (all too often) in youth sports, I taught my players to anticipate the egregious behavior and mitigate the foul, and get back legally. Once, in Dutch Soccer a team came up against a brutal player who injured one of their stars. In soccer, a yellow card is given to a foul, and the second foul by the same player results in a red card, and expulsion. That particular Dutch team responded by fouling that evil player eleven times, but never once by the same player. Trump responds similarly. The ones he reacts to usually deserves what they get, but should expect it. You play with fire and you get your fingers burned. My kids were taught to jump over tripping kicks and then humiliate that player using superior skills, like a nutmeg.

The problem is, you never notice the first action and only see the reaction. Trump is special because he realizes your lack of attention, and goes after the perpetrator harder than that person came at him, regardless. At some time, even the most stupid actors will get their fingers burned enough to stop their strategy of a death by a thousand cuts. Did you ever look up that Gold Star father that Trump supposedly was rude to? Or Miss Universe Alicia Machado to know who she is and that she praised Trump at the time? They both were lying and deserved worse than they got.

The media are bullies and complicitly backing the Democrat strategy - but you should be smart enough to vet this stuff on your own.
Bill, I'll bet you that you cannot come up with even one example where Ted Cruz, or his wife, attacked The Donald in any remotely uncivil manner, much less start the ball rolling. I dare you.

What you are doing is making all the excuses possible to justify bad behavior, because the one in question is the leader of your herd. And while I approve of many of his actions, he's still a Buggerin' Asshole.

Lets see at least one example of Cruz making disparaging remarks at the Trump family. Come on, if you are going to talk the talk, and make all the excuses, then lets see you produce the evidence. Otherwise, I suggest you learn the value of STFU, because you are making yourself look like you don't stand for any morel values.

I mean it. Gah
Have a Gneiss Day!
There was the case where some people made a point of publicizing Melania Trump's nude photos. Ted Cruz said he had nothing to do with that, but Trump chose to attack Cruz any way, as if he had instigated the attack on Melania. Then Trump attacked Cruz' wife. In Trump's mind it was probably retaliation.

I maintain, as I have said from the beginning, that Trump is uncouth. Uncivil.

The only bad thing Cruz did, that I know of, was when he fed the rumor that Ben Carson was withdrawing from the race early in the primary campaign, when Carson flew to Florida unexpectedly--a month or so before Carson did actually withdraw. For that, ever after Trump referred to Cruz as "Lyin' Ted."

I still would rather that Cruz were president. But Trump is what we have, and he is vastly superior to having Hillary as president.
(04-03-2017, 07:46 PM)Ron Lambert Wrote: I still would rather that Cruz were president. But Trump is what we have, and he is vastly superior to having Hillary as president.

I totally agree with you Ron.

And Cruz's comment about Carson's dropping out of the race was almost certainly something he really thought because it had been reported prior to that. Nobody's perfect, but Cruz was as close as it got IMO.
Have a Gneiss Day!
I agree with Ron's synopsis. At the time that the nude photos of Melania were published, the publishers said Cruz was their sponsor. It took awhile before Cruz could disentangle himself from that claim, and the die had already been struck - and Trump responded to the knife in the back that he thought Cruz had done. I think that before that, Cruz was on very good terms with Trump - one of the few who didn't indulge in the feeding frenzy against someone who nobody assumed had a chance to win the nomination. Cruz may have been innocent of the initial postings, but reacted to Trump's reaction by upping the ante. I see the whole thing as a successful "gotcha" by people unnamed who wanted to see both candidates damaged - and they both were.

This is the kind of thing I've always been wary about. All Ted Kennedy had to do to destroy Bork's chance to be the best Supreme Court Justice we ever had was to lie about him and his character. It's hard to respond to "Have you stopped beating your mother?" I'm glad the two have patched up their fomented animosity to start pulling together again. Cruz's father seen on the grassy knoll was just another barrel from the same shotgun. I think they realized they were being used, and apologized to each other.

Ben Carson was in the same cross-hairs. He didn't abandon the campaign when CNN and the AP said he did, but Cruz's campaign staff was quick on the uptake and went to Carson's people offering help if they wanted it. The only reason Cruz was singled out by Carson as the bad guy, is because no one else had as quick and effective a staff. I lost much respect for Carson at not understanding what happened. He blamed the cheese in the mousetrap rather than the guy who put it there. The whole episode made Carson a buffoon and Cruz a liability. Trump was still angry at Cruz because they were both escalating some one else's nefarious plan. I truly hope they both learned from that experience before it was too late. Y'know - like Romney finally learned too late that the press were not ever going to treat him fairly.

Bush 43 was involved in the same kind of thing, because he knew Reagan had weathered the storm against the media by use of great communication skills and the bully pulpit. He may have been naive - but he believed he could weather the same storm by ignoring it, as he thought Reagan had.
So, you are going to rely on "hearsay" and show NO evidence of Cruz's bad behavior, eh?  Why am I not surprised.  

Pontification doesn't count here.  Show me the "Pooooooof" ok?  But you can't, can you?

And as I stated above, I totally agree with Ron's point. One of us is not reading correctly. The difference here is that I am not making excuses. You are Bill.
Have a Gneiss Day!
Sigh! The nude pictures WERE the original bad behavior. The Getting his own back came after when he accused Trump of attacking his family and Trump was responding in kind. Cruz may not have done anything wrong, which was my point. But you were too busy skimming to understand what I posted. Slow down - take a breath. You're better than that.
(04-05-2017, 04:58 AM)Fredledingue Wrote:

There could be some lawsuits over all this. Shock
Have a Gneiss Day!
have to agree with the homeowners on this one. If they are legally in America, then the wall must be built on the border, not on their front lawn. Seizure of land for public domain is really a simple law. To secure land which is demonstrably necessary for the good of the country, then fair recompense must be paid. In the instance of hardship, the state must try to ameliorate problems.

Land on a river is hard to survey, but accommodations must be made.
Looks like some of Trump's friends are upset at him.

Pretty thoughtful article from The Atlantic. Trump has the makings of an erratic tyrant and if it is in the national interests of the USA to prevent chemical warfare, why did Ronald Reagan assist Iraq using it for years? What has changed? Nothing except it wasn't our ally using it? Where's God in this one Ron? Is it OK for us to use them?

Article on foreign policy problems from the strike, mainly it weakens our ISIS fight. Wonder if those who support this will offer to exchange themselves when US pilots are captured?
Good article on the "unmasking" charge against S. Rice by Jonathan Turley:
I like Turley's summation: "The irony is that Trump was wrong about the media but many in the media seem to be working hard to prove him right."

D'oh! Either he was right or wrong, and the belief that he was wrong and the media totally innocent seems to parallel the media bias.
Here's a thought:

With the abnormal severe cold spell in Europe this year, with crops dying in the fields, reliance on the USA for food tends to add something to the wheeling and dealing going on in the politicaal world.
(04-11-2017, 07:41 PM)WmLambert Wrote: Here's a thought:

With the abnormal severe cold spell in Europe this year, with crops dying in the fields, reliance on the USA for food tends to add something to the wheeling and dealing going on in the political world.

All things are possible, but The Donald would have to resort to the very thing that Patrick is incensed about: dictatorial behavior. It would be interfering with global economics.

Now, in about another decade, no telling what the possibilities will be. That's when things will be starting to get a bit hairy. We haven't even officially entered this Grand Solar Minimum, which should officially begin with SC-25, around 2020.
Have a Gneiss Day!
Hopefully, the Donald will be retire by then.

FBI definitely was watching Trump's campaign assistants.

Below is a thoughtful article on attacking Syria. Just thoughtless and driven by nothing but emotions:
(04-12-2017, 10:23 AM)Palladin Wrote:

FBI definitely was watching Trump's campaign assistants.

I refuse to give up my AdBlocker just to please WaPo.  I don't even bother any longer.  Sorry.

(04-12-2017, 10:23 AM)Palladin Wrote: Below is a thoughtful article on attacking Syria. Just thoughtless and driven by nothing but emotions:
According to the article......
Quote:It's easy to imagine China soon finding itself in a position to ask us to alter one or more of our positions in its neighborhood. The U.S. just has to be distracted by its quest to find the Thomas Jeffersons from Yemen to Libya, and then be met with a crisis. That crisis could be the North Korean regime collapsing from its internal corruption, and South Korea asking for help securing its weapons, or preventing the spillover of people from overwhelming their society overnight.

Finding an Islamic Thomas Jefferson is an eternal study in Ultimate Frustration.  It ain't every gonna' happen.  As they say up in that Pest Hole on the Hudson, "fuggedaboutit".
Have a Gneiss Day!

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