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The Trump Blitz
Now, this is something that would lead to the Never Trumpers' heads to explode. Stephen Moore, in his Op/Ed yesterday at The Washington Times, celebrated the booming Trump Economy. That alone would be more than enough to get the N.T.ers in a tail spin.

But his last paragraph really takes the cake and should be causing detonations all over the place. I hope Patrick never reads this short piece, because this could be more than enough to take him out for good. Spiteful

Quote:The other day I was on a panel with media reporters and I suggested in all seriousness that Donald Trump deserves the 2018 Nobel Prize in Economics. My fellow panelists almost visibly popped a vein in their heads. They ranted and raved about how stupid and dangerous Mr. Trump’s policies are. Just who is deranged in this picture?
--- SCHiST Happens! ---
I don't know how I managed to miss this thing. BREAKING: US Downgraded Status of EU – But Did Not Formally Announce It.

Just one more notch down as European countries are the winning hand. With more nationalists winning elections there, it looks like the trend I have been saying for years now.

BREAKING: Trump TOTALLY Embarrasses EU With Major Move They NEVER Saw Coming

--- SCHiST Happens! ---
I don't understand: What was the status of the EU before the secret downgrade?
An international organisation, it's just what it is. So why us it a downgrade? Nobody claimed that Europe was a country, a nation or a state.

Of course there is an European Government but this governement is governed by the member states. It doesn't have a power of its own.

Trump can pretend to ignore the importance of the EU, what it means, and try to talk with europeans as if the EU didn't exist, but then, he will have some problems dealing with them.
For example, he can't ban a product from France and not the same product from Poland. It's impossible, technically.
The opposite is true: France can't ban an US product if all the other EU members don't decide together to ban it too. This is also technicaly impossible or very difficult to control.

On some topic however, the US can take decision with individual EU states. The War on Iraq was the best example. UK and Poland took part whereas France was against it.
I think there would be more consistant policies today, but legally, the same scenario would still be possible.
The EU has moreless an aligned position regarding Syria, but each country gets involved there as they see fit. France regularly intervene in Africa without the EU taking care of what they do.

This is because defense is still national, even when it means attacking abroad.
Of course Trump can ban a product from France and not from Poland, if France has a history of bad product and Poland does better. I guess you think buying lemonade from a stand in front of a house in Plainsville is no different than ordering from Minutemaid.
Quote:Trump can pretend to ignore the importance of the EU...

Only pretend, like everyone else, Trump understands the importance of the EU. EU is in fact the only part of the world capable of postponing the demise of the US by several years, up to 10-15 in the best case scenario.

Basically, for the US to last a bit longer, someone needs to be raped. Neither Russia nor China are good candidates, the former is capable of wiping out the US off the map, and the latter is getting there. But the EU is defenseless and perfect.

So.... a functional version of MAGA is simply WWIII, fought in Europe, specific cause and adversaries are immaterial; the migrants can always be used to light the fire. Capital flight to the US is the immediate benefit, and after Europe is reduced to ashes, one can make good money reconstructing it.

So... don't worry. EU would not be forgotten. The show is only beginning S6
Sodomia delenda est


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