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I published a new e-book through Amazon
I have published another e-book through Amazon. This one was originally published as a printed book by Teach Services, Inc. in 2009. They have returned the full publication rights to me so I could do this. Price is $3.99, downloadable to your computer or ipad or kindle type device.
Bible prophecy is thrilling and wonderfully interesting, because it is designed by God to help us understand what are the most important things that are about to happen in our world, and why they will happen! Bible prophecy also shows us that God cares very much for each of us, because He wants us to know these things. The Bible calls prophecy “the testimony of Jesus.” (Revelation 19:10) It is a communication from Him to each one of us.
When we seek to understand Bible prophecy, we must remember the vital key the Apostle Peter gave us for doing this, in 2 Peter 1:20, 21: “Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation. For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.”
Here are three reasonable things we must do in order to avoid a private interpretation:
First, all prophetic symbols must be defined by Scripture alone. We can do this, because all the prophets “spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.” So all the prophecies of the Bible came from One Divine Mind. Therefore they will all be consistent, and use the same symbols the same way.
Second, the prophecies must be applied to history during the time periods context indicates to us that they apply. This is seen in the prophecies of Daniel 8:20-26, where the angel names the empires in historical sequence that correspond to the symbols used earlier. This also means that the prophecies of the seven seals in Revelation 6:1 to 8:1 must be applied after the beginning of the Judgment. This is a dramatic departure from traditional views, and gives us new light that is vitally relevant, because it applies today!
Third, we must be reasonable in understanding whether something is literal narrative, or symbolic. We should note if an image or statement is specifically defined as symbolic or is used frequently as a prophetic symbol or metaphor in other places in the Bible. We should not have to guess about this. We can look it up.
These rules for interpreting Bible prophecy correctly—as in the interpretation of any part of Scripture—require sound scholarship that is honest, objective, and consistent with all of Scripture. This book is intended to show that this effort is truly rewarding.

One of the new revelations of truth is shown to be in Revelation chapter five, which demonstrates that Jesus Christ does not merely stand by our side as an Advocate in the Judgment—He STANDS IN OUR PLACE IN THE JUDGMENT! May this book make a difference in the lives of all who read it.
Here is the Link to see the book:
Good luck on your sales Ron. S22

Thanks, John. I'm especially hoping that members of my church will notice it.
By the way, I took the picture for the cover myself, with my digital camera. After I downloaded it to the Amazon cover-making program, they offered me a choice of about eight different layouts of my book title and author's name, and when I picked the one I liked, they automatically combined it with my picture to produce the cover. I thought I had my picture approximately the right proportions, but their software compressed it slightly in width. (Oddly, they did not offer me the option of using my middle initial.)

Amazon makes it so easy. It did not take me long the last time to learn their formatting requirements for the manuscript. This time it went without a hitch. They were able to use my MS Word 2003 doc file, complete with italics, boldface, and underlining just the way I had them. The only real trick is to set up the paragraph feature on your original document so the first line automatically indents 0.5 points--you do not want to use Enter + Tab, which is what anyone who learned on a typewriter in days of yore do instinctively. That will confuse things. I had to go through my manuscript and add Enter then delete to get rid of the Tab, for each paragraph. You can import any picture you like as a jpeg--which is what I did with my chart that shows the time prophecies in Rev. 11 and Daniel 12 related together. Amazon does not charge anything to publish an e-book, and they are the largest publisher of e-books, with over 60% of the market. They allow customers to download the books or short stories they purchase so they can be viewed on computers, I-Pads, or any kind of Kindle-type device. When customers purchase an item, it goes into the "cloud," not onto your computer, etc., so you can access it at any time. My first e-book (the novel) I am still able to access after more than three years.

Amazon has a new feature--they say that if you approve, they will automatically print and ship your e-book as a paperback (if the customer wants), and only charge you on a per-copy basis, taking costs out of your royalties. I have not tried that yet. I want to see if I have enough sales to warrant that expense. This has got to put pressure on traditional print publishers like Ace.

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