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Prolong from Beowulf?
Do you mean outside IN Heaven?

There is no other reality than the one we inhabit. Heaven is a part of the same universe as Earth. It is an actual place, not some mystical plane. The Bible indicates vaguely that it is in a northward direction from Earth (see Isaiah 14:13). God's throne is presently in Heaven, and Revelation 22:1-3 says that God's throne will finally be relocated onto Earth. Evidently the throne of the Sovereign of the Universe will be established in Eden, which will be in the New Jerusalem, which comes down from Heaven and is set up on Earth. God is concerned with changing our reality, in the only way it can be done. God will accomplish the seemingly impossible, utterly miraculous work of reconciling Mercy with Justice, without sacrificing either one. He will enable us to live forever, without perpetuating sin in the universe. It shall truly be ourselves, and not someone else; and yet we shall be changed however we need to be.
Age reversal pills being tested.

Seems like a done deal. How often are cures that are proven on mice not found to be as effective on humans?

...And it's not about perpetuating sin in the universe. It is about giving mankind the tools to build the heaven that was promised.

Now the trick is to discover if this process can regenerate and repair atrophied muscles and turn off cancer and Alzheimer's. 3 to five years until going on the market?
Our hope is best placed in the Creator, not in the creature.
Didn't the creator create the knowledge to be used?
No, God created the reality that we study, so we can gain knowledge. Our knowledge is not always right, and sometimes needs correcting. Just because Adam and Eve had knowledge of the forbidden fruit, does not mean they should have eaten it. Eve doubted God, buying into the Tempter's lie that God might be withholding something good; Adam was not deceived, but doubted the goodness of God, that He would save Eve--unless Adam joined himself to Eve in transgression. This may seem noble, but a short time later he was saying, "The woman whom You gave to be with me gave me of the tree, and I did eat." It seems to be an exercise in futility to try to obtain immortality outside of the will of God, ignoring His provision to give us that very thing if we will accept the way He has ordained for it to happen. God will not allow sinners to live forever. That would be an injustice to the rest of the universe. That is why He removed the Tree of Life from the earth, when He removed the Garden of Eden itself from the earth, and made it the central park of the New Jerusalem in Heaven.
If God gave us the knowledge to live longer, then sobeit!
He did. Following a healthy lifestyle, including a vegan diet, has been proven by massive government studies to extend life an average of 12 years. This is the diet God originally gave to mankind in Eden. But if you want to live forever, that is only available through God Himself. It was His original will that we should live forever. But our rebellious attitude toward God has interfered with our connection with Him, so repair is needed for our connection with God, so we can be fit for fellowship with immortal beings.
Now we have successfully used cryogenics to maintain organisms and then bring them back to life. Live forever?.

I fear the movie Passengers, a recent film viewing on cable, may do what Clockwork Orange did to rehabilitation treatment. In Passengers a few frozen passengers are revived halfway through a multi-century flight to a colony planet, showing a supposedly perfected technology going wrong.

In Clockwork Orange a criminal was treated with behavioral psychology to no longer be a psychopath, but since the adverse treatment was accompanied by music, when Beethoven's Ninth was heard the criminal became unstable. This movie and book put back the use of behavioral psychology to treat those who desperately need it.
I remember a lecture I gave back in my sophomore year in college--it was actually in speech class, where each of us was required to participate in a heckling speech. I talked about paramecium, one-celled creatures that reproduce by fission for about 20 generations, then undergo a kind of genetic fusion called "conjugation" where chromosomes from two separate paramecium are mixed and paired as in sexual reproduction, and that seems to renew them so they can go on another 20 generations or so. I pointed out that theoretically the original first paramecium could still be alive. My classmates were so intrigued, there was hardly any heckling, even though we were all required to heckle the speaker. My teacher told me I had a natural gift for teaching.

I would repeat the point I made then. Theoretically, the original first paramecium could still be alive. So do paramecium qualify as being immortal? Well, technically no, because the term "immortal" literally means "not subject to death," and of course paramecium can die. The Bible tells us that God only has immortality. (1 Tim. 6:16) So humans do not have immortal souls. God has promised to share with us His immortality, but there are conditions. Mainly we have to admit that He alone is the standard of what is right and good. He is the Creator.

One quick note: when I say humans do not have immortal souls, I do not mean we do not have souls. We do have a spirit of life that includes an essential identity. There is no consciousness in death, because we need a brain to think and be aware with. But still when God resurrects us--as He has promised to do--the person He resurrects is really the same, original person who lived before. God does not perpetrate a fraud, where He only creates a duplicate body and brain with duplicate memories, so the person only thinks he is the same person who lived before. There is an essential self that God retains--until the end of the final judgment, when God Himself "forgets" the wicked. Then they cease to exist, because God Himself is existence.
The latest science news is brain implants to improve memory I wonder if the 18% improvement threshold will be surpassed? How nice would it be to have encyclopedic knowledge? Could this allow a person to come closer to photographic memory?
(06-10-2019, 12:13 PM)WmLambert Wrote: The latest science news is brain implants to improve memory I wonder if the 18% improvement threshold will be surpassed? How nice would it be to have encyclopedic knowledge? Could this allow a person to come closer to photographic memory?

Since you and I are long time science fiction followers, and there have been many stories about such, we know that this is only a matter of time coming. Eventually, we will have a chip of some kind implanted somewhere on our bodies and connected to our brain. The only question is "When". Ideally this will be from birth, and humans will learn how to use it as they mature.

Just think, the cyborg generation is just around the corner. S22
All men are frauds. The only difference between them is that some admit it. I myself deny it.
H. L. Mencken
David Weber's "Empire of Man" series talks about "toots" that are such chips added to a person's brain to provide many benefits. He also mentioned hijacking toots to create zombies. But then again, he also talked about nannites from Mesa that can hijack a person's life, even without added chips. Issac Asimov thought the most deeply about AI, creating his three laws of robotics to guarantee no runaway cyberitis.

I see the gradualism of such chips as being unavoidable. We are working on addressing sight and hearing by cracking the code the brain uses to encode our senses. The blind can see and the deaf can hear, but such science is rarely mentioned. Nannites caan be used at the broken nerve ends of dystrophic victims to connect the damaged nerves.

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