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Forthcoming European Disharmony............
Now this is indeed interesting.  It looks like Frau Merkel is showing everyone just how dissatisfied she is with The Donald.  And keep in mind that under her Germany has continued to be years behind in it's dues to NATO membership.  

Quote:The duplicitous Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel apparently went behind NATO's back to make a deal with Russia for the natural gas pipeline Nord Stream II, paying for which will drive Germany's contribution to NATO defense spending below the 2% of GDP that was agreed on in 2014.  Germany, with one of the world's wealthiest economies, is far in arrears on her NATO obligations, has been for years, and has no acceptable excuse for it.

America has been open for years now to selling liquid natural gas (LNG) to Europe at rates below those the Russians can provide with a pipeline.  It actually looks as if Merkel just prefers to do business with the thuggish Eastern oligarchs than with the putatively like-minded free markets of the West.  Germany evidently isn't as like-minded as we might have imagined.

Merkel casts it as a choice between foreign aid and an obligation of lesser importance.  After all, why would Germany worry about Eastern military adventurism when she's buying Russian LNG?  It isn't a clash of priorities, but stubborn refusal to meet a commitment.  As if Germany didn't owe America some consideration for the years we rebuilt her shattered WWII economy and then stood by her through decades of Russian bullying and threats.  Now Merkel makes nice with those same Russians while thumbing her nose at America.

It remains to be seen how President Trump will respond, but one hopes tariffs on German goods go through the ceiling and that the American market for anything Deutsch screeches to a halt.  Ingratitude is among the more infuriating human failings, and Angela Merkel has many of us on this side of the pond good and riled.

Germans may want to think about shunting this old girl aside.  We who have shouldered their defense load for seventy years rightly consider her duplicitous.  That thought should be sobering in view of whom they've chosen to partner with instead.
Have a Gneiss Day!
Quote:America has been open for years now to selling liquid natural gas (LNG) to Europe at rates below those the Russians can provide with a pipeline.

Totally untrue. And this kills the rest of the article.
Sanders 2020

(03-20-2019, 05:01 PM)mv Wrote:
Quote:America has been open for years now to selling liquid natural gas (LNG) to Europe at rates below those the Russians can provide with a pipeline.

Totally untrue.   And this kills the rest of the article.

If so then a link, or two, substantiating your point will help. Spiteful
Have a Gneiss Day!
No, John, learn to (1) do a bit of research (2) think! You got a head, use it. Or stay ignorant, should I care ?

(and yes, this has been well studied over many years; and there is a very interesting new study by Wintershall -- read it. If you don't know what Wintershall is, use Google.).

It is really very simple:
1. It is well known that conventional methods are cheaper than fracking.
2. It is well known that pipes are the cheapest delivery method.
3. Because of this, the current numbers to compare are:
$265,34 -- the actual cost of 1000 cubic meters of natural gas from the US delivered to Europe (no profit).
$248 -- average selling price of the pipeline gas from Gazprom for 2018.
So the only way US LNG is currently competitive is if the US companies are willing to sell at a loss.

But it really much worse than this. if the article happens to be correct about the prices (it is not, obviously!), then what is the reason for Merkel to stick to NorthStream project? She loves Putin? Do you really believe this?


Don't worry. Dong Kong really wants German money (and everybody else's money). He will do anything. Expect provocations, wars, lies, false flag operations ... typical sodomite behavior ... and perhaps a Global Nuclear war. Just not a fair competition, US is no longer capable of this.
Sanders 2020

The main reason I asked you for one or more links is because there are others reading your posts and wanting to know more of your point.  It is best for you, or others, to help readers understand your point.  And it states such in Rule #6.

#6. Make a point and expect to discuss it.

This is a message board/discussion forum, not a space for free advertising or posting drive-by propaganda. You will be expected to provide links, and comment on your post. Violations risk being deleted. Please use descriptive subject lines to help us ensure that topics are in the right place.
Have a Gneiss Day!
You are under a wrong impression that I'm not busy, trust me I do have things to research.

Both items I stated : that LNG is always more costly than pipeline and that fracking is more costly than conventional methods are well known facts. If you are actually looking at geology, they are not too far afield not to grasp instantly.

One does not need to know any science to see that the description of Merkel's behavior is illogical and thus know that the author is lying.

But ok: here are a couple of links -- probably not the best, simply the ones i have stored.

Cost computation:

(this is from October 2018, numbers are not the latest but this would not matter.)

(this is recent, analysis of the overall situation with LNG in Europe; contains additional interesting material i did not copy.).

Use Google Translate.
Sanders 2020

Thank you. S22
Have a Gneiss Day!
I can do better : I had Wintershall stuff in German only, but today is your lucky day :

Quote:Liquefied natural gas shipped from the US currently cannot compete economically with natural gas that is transported to Europe via pipelines, Wintershall board member Thilo Wieland says in an interview on the oil and gas producer’s website. “LNG from the US is too expensive,”

I am assuming you know what Wintershall is and the power it has in Germany, very much including Merkel.

General recommendation, if I may: when reading news articles, especially from US and UK, and to lesser degree from Iran, examine them for consistency and common sense.

The article you quoted is merely a propaganda piece, in the best traditions of Völkischer Beobachter and Pravda (or US media). These are not worthless, one can still pick up pieces of valuable information from them. For instance, it is not difficult to determine that it is not the author lying, but the author promoting Trump's position (based on lies, of course)... this tells us a bit about Dong Kong. And you may want to ponder just what Trump is trying to achieve here.

Good luck!
Sanders 2020

(03-21-2019, 01:01 PM)mv Wrote: I am assuming you know what Wintershall is and the power it has in Germany, very much including Merkel.

Nope, I didn't know until I looked up the name on internet, just now.
Have a Gneiss Day!
OK, few more tidbits, no sourcing this time -- I cannot index everything!

On Wintershall -- their forecasts are quite interesting to read since they tend to know what we don't. One of the moments is their expectation that the EU will stop using oil altogether withing 20-30 years, switching to natural gas. Automobiles running on LNG? Hmm.....

On Trump --- now, lets' see why he is so concerned about the NATO dues all of a sudden... so concerned that he spewed utter nonsense about the LNG costs to make his point. Is it accidental or something else is happening?

Trying to connect the dots.

NATO dues are primarily intended to support the US military industrial complex. Trump knows and cares about money (and nothing else, perhaps). He wants more money flowing to support important companies, first and foremost : Boeing.
(We may yet to see a new investigation on Trump's links to Boeing and special favors ... MAY, because while it can probably sink Trump, no sane democrat wants to dig this.)

Now, Boeing is in trouble.

We are overdue for the next financial crisis, a-la 2008, likely more serious, likely this year (check indicators).

The last crisis was started by banking ... still most likely, but I've been wondering if someone else can open the gate. One candidate is of course Tesla, but now Boeing is a stronger contender... they are in real shit now. Lawsuits, investigations, cancellations of orders (Garuba is the first, not the last) and perhaps the most dangerous of all: consumer fear.

Amazingly, the Boeing affair also damaged the reputation of one of the very few US agencies that used to have stellar reputation: FAA. A huge bonus, first of all for the EU "core".

And if we look at the Aachen treaty carefully, we see a second warning sign: a new Franco-German understanding on the arms sales. They want to compete.

So..... perhaps this is what drove Dong Kong into hysterics. He gets better news than what one reads in mass media.....
Sanders 2020

Ok, Whatever you say Comrade. Spiteful
Have a Gneiss Day!

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