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Forthcoming European Disharmony............
What a choice, far left or far right. No in betweeners?
There is a in-between: Emmanuel Macron. Center-right. A realist. He will probably win, and I realy hope that he does, but the risk that he doesn't are high and growing higher.
It's in case that he doesn't win that the huge problems for France and Europe, and probably the whole world will start because the two next are the worse choice possible. It's even hard to tell which one of them is worse...

[Image: d14af91_3033-y708vk.qn23hdj9k9.png?token...304c4ea102]

In red, it's Mélenchon, the communist. He wants France to join the Bolivarian Union of South America (no joke).
He also told that if other state members didn't apply HIS program, he will ask the french to quit the EU, which would mean the end of it immediately. Long life democracy!

In black, you have the FN, the fascists. not so different from Mélenchon, except on immigration.

In light blue, the commedian professional, Fillon. A crook who had all his family being paid governement salaries for fake jobs. His whife was paid 20 years for never coming to the office.
Has great support from the Catholic Right. Go figure.

Macron, the centrist, is in yellow. He'is not more successful than that because he is a man from the banks. And poeple don't like bankers too much. But that's why he knows better than anyone about the economy. He is the only one giving a realistic assessment on the situation.

In pink is Hammon. The official Socialist Party candidate. Poeple don't believe in the Socialist Party anymore. They vote now for the self-styled and ever-charming Mélenchon.

Mélenchon is successful because he uses many of Trump's mediatic methods: Telling crazy, enormous things about inexisting issues.

Le Pen tried this too but she is not appealing, not a charismatic character. But it's believed that she will do something on immigration and islam.
In fact on Islam, she doesn't tell much more than others. Only 3 lines saying that we should fight Islamism (not even Islam namely). Something everybody says. but people believe that she will defends the Values of the Republic! LOL. She is Putin's troyan horse.
(04-14-2017, 06:49 PM)Fredledingue Wrote: [Image: d14af91_3033-y708vk.qn23hdj9k9.png?token...304c4ea102]

In black, you have the FN, the fascists. not so different from Mélenchon, except on immigration.

I thought the Black one was the one on the furtherest right of the graph. The FN is the one in grey, right? Spiteful
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Yes, sorry: the FN is in grey. I don't know who are those in black.
(04-15-2017, 07:14 PM)Fredledingue Wrote: Yes, sorry: the FN is in grey. I don't know who are those in black.

You rascal, you. Spiteful
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He sounds to me like what I would call a European moderate, does he have a chance?
I would probably vote for him then. "Bon Voyage Macron"
Paul Joseph Watson is not enamoured with Macron, by a long shot. Is he really a Hollande protogee?

The Truth About the French Election

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There's him, the far lefty and LePen who is France's version of Trump before he got "educated".
It's interesting how the Trump behavior is used to eschew other candidates - and the lasting impression is of a liar who says untrue things - yet most of those thing end up to be verified, like the "wiretapping of incoming administration people". It's not that there aren't things that diverge from his campaign rhetoric - it is just that the main attack is based on the media getting it wrong.
Journalists think that they are in control of the writing of history. They are mistaken about that. Too many of them have been brainwashed by dishonest, highly partisan professors, especially in journalism schools. The leftist dementia in our society will not be rooted out until there has been a thorough reform of journalism schools.
Here is Spengler's look at the upcoming French elections, and none of the avenues look promising. Shock

Come to Me, My Mélenchony Baby

But then again, this is France, and nothing the French ever do is near ordinary,.....or sane. Spiteful
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Hey Fred,

Curious about this statement with regards to whether Le Pen was helped all that much by the terror attack.

Quote:“The French are unfortunately getting used to terror attacks on home soil and I don’t think this latest one created the shock and awe that might have made a significant difference,”

My son was a bit shocked when we went on a family vacation last year.  He's bought into the whole line that the U.S. is as dangerous as Iraq and virtually anywhere else in the world is safer ... although our town and county is probably one of the quietest and safest in the country.  He'd never seen military patrolling airports and city streets with automatic weapons at the ready.  I've been watching the increased security patrols in Paris.  Except for brief immediate responses after an event, I don't think that would fly in this country.  Such a thing would draw much larger protests against the "heavy handedness" of the police.  Have Europeans really grown completely complacent about this sort of thing?
"Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard."
-- Henry Mencken
It looks like le Pen is in a Full Court Press.

Quote:Marine Le Pen: Islamism Has Declared War On Our Nation, On Reason, On Civilisation

Ms Le Pen’s main rival for the presidency, former Rothschild banker Emmanuel Macron, was the Socialist economy minister until recently, and struck a very different tone following the attack, telling RTL France he would not invent an anti-terror programme in response to the police killing.

In another interview shortly after the shooting, Macron described radical Islamic terrorism as and “imponderable problem” which would be “part of our daily lives for the years to come”.

Macron’s comments may prove to be a serious misstep. The presidential hopes of former colleague and prime minister Manuel Valls were dashed after he made a similar statement following the Nice lorry attack, saying “Times have changed and we should learn to live with terrorism” and earning a furious public backlash.

A majority of France’s paramilitary police force – the Gendarmerie – were already planning to vote for Ms Le Pen before the recent killing, well ahead of Macron.

If nothing else, she is going to be gunning for Islam in a Big Way.

This site is definitely pro le Pen:  #MarinePresidente

Not sure if this pol is accurate, but it looks like the latest terrorist attack has made a huge up-tick for le Pen.

[Image: C92Tur-UMAAzPDy.jpg]
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The more I read about this Macron fellow, the more I am sure he is anything but a centerist that so many keep calling him.  First of all, he's a former protege of the Socialist president Hollande.

Obama Calls France's Macron to Offer Advice

But here's the part that seals the deal for me.  He used the magic "P" word.  Gah

click to enlarge

So, he's NOT right of center, even for a Frenchman.  He's definitely left of center, even if he is a Pretty Boy.   Shock

[Image: image-1.jpeg]
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Here's a fun quote from Emmanuel Macron ...

Quote:I want to make France a country that accepts failure ...
"Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard."
-- Henry Mencken
Just looking at the first polls, LePen has a mountain to climb to win.

That comment about Islamists is a good quote.

She didn't say Islam, just Islamists and she's accurate.

But , what does it mean in practice of governing? Except saying she would increase security surveillance and it's probably as high as it can be anyway what does any leader do when 10% of your population are Muslims?

No one in the west is going to do a repeat of the Japanese internment deal, those days are over, mass deportation w/o legal claims, not gonna happen. Trump can't even get a temporary ban for 90 days past our own legal system here, you know a European state can't.
Well, here's the first mistake of this runoff election. Hollande urges French voters to choose Macron over Le Pen

Quote:French president Francois Hollande has urged voters to choose centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron in the May 7 presidential run-off to keep out far-right leader Marine Le Pen.

Speaking from the Elysee palace, Mr Hollande said Ms Le Pen’s platform of pulling out of the euro would devastate the country’s economy and threaten French liberty.

He said the far-right would “deeply divide France” at a time when the terror threat requires solidarity and cohesion.

Mr Macron was Mr Hollande’s top adviser on economic issues from 2012 to 2014, then economy minister in his Socialist government for two years.

If this is the unpopular Hollande's idea of helping his former protege, perhaps he should keep his mouth shut.  S13
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