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The Trump Administration (The Next Four Years)
While it seems our relationship with SA is a great example of how foreign affairs are not driven by anything but power and greed, I give the Donald credit for this new agreement. He is trying to purchase the Saudis away from funding and animating Islamic terrorism with these deals.

No US POTUS yet has succeeded in this endeavor and he won't either, but, he's trying and using his head.
There were leaders of 50 Muslim-majority nations present in the hall in Saudi Arabia where President Trump gave his speech. Commentators said that this was the largest gathering of Muslim national leaders in history. He gave a truly exceptional speech. Ever since his arrival, he has been warmly welcomed by King Salman and many officials. He is talking about a $360 billion deal over ten years with Saudi Arabia, including $110 billion in military weaponry and training sold to the country, that has already been signed.

The critics of President Trump who only believe the straw man they have built of him, will have a hard time dealing with the fact that the first international trip by Trump is to the capital of Islam, the fact that he has been so warmly received, and the fact that his speech said all the right things--agreeing with the king that one of their principal enemies--besides terrorism itself--is Iran. What a drastic change from the pro-Iran stance of the Obama administration! Trump said that the campaign to defeat radical terrorism is not merely a battle of religion or political ideology, it is a battle of "Good versus Evil." This seemed to go over well with the audience. Both Trump and the king agreed that it was essential to cut off all funding for terrorist groups. Since a large part of the funding comes from wealthy individuals in Saudi Arabia, this pronouncement by the king will likely have a profound effect on them. If mainline Islam finally will get behind a whole-hearted effort to oppose terrorism, this could be an actual turning point. And it will have to be long remembered that it was Trump who brought this about. I for one never thought that Trump could turn out to be such a statesman.
It just goes right over your head who Saudi Arabia is. There is no more heinous group of humanity on earth EX Afghanistan.

Is it OK for you to do business with a rapist, mass murderer and anti Christian monster in your neighborhood to make you more powerful? IF NOT, then how can you support any relationship with these anti Christian monsters to accomplish that for a nation?

While supporting attacks on Muslim leaders like Saddam Hussein and Assad who protect their minority citizens simply because it makes the USA wealthier and more powerful?

Course this isn't on Trump, he's just the latest leader since IKE to do business with these neanderthal anti Christian tyrants.

American foreign policy is so devoid of decency it smells like skubila all the way to God's throne and you support it.

Beyond that, learn about wahbbi Islam. They are not going to be bought off like Trump( and all secularists)assume everyone can be. Jihad is a core belief, sharia is a core belief, anti Christian, anti Jew is a core belief. They are USING the USA like a cheap whore and we continually allow it. They continue to export wahabbi Islam via money we allow them to have across the globe, ncluding the USA.

Saudi Arabia is the major investor in ISIS, the US state has known that for quite some time. One of Hillary's emails lamented this fact.

Domestic thinking of Trump, make as much war on the poorest folks you can. Spend trillions at the same time on a military machine to help control global governance, let poor folks suck it up baby. I'm thinking this was not animated by Jesus:
I agree, wahhabi Islam is the worst of the worst. It's the main primitive fundamentalist branch, and they spend billions annually to build their form of mosques around the world.

However, there are two ways to approach the problem. In one, our public policy can be forceful and condescending, which will only cause the wahhabis to resist change. In the other, we can inundate them with visitors looking nice and modern, without wearing all that garb manure. I suspect Melania Trump standing next to smiling sheiks on all of SA television is doing more toward breaking up the monopoly there.

On the other hand, out of the public eye, we should be doing our best to dismantle it. And I'll bet you we are.

Here's one more thing that Trump is doing pretty much under the radar.

More Than 7 Million Voter Registrations Are Duplicated in Multiple States. New study finds 7.2 million individuals possibly registered in two states at the same time

The article goes into detail about the fraud that has been around for decades, and how it affects elections. And guess which party is performing this sleigh of hand for so long? And guess where it is being done more than other places?

The article concludes with something that may startle many "Never Trumpers".

Quote:President Trump signed an executive order on May 11 establishing a commission to investigate voter fraud in the United States that will be led by Vice President Mike Pence and Kobach.

The commission, which will study "vulnerabilities" in the voting system and look at voter suppression and fraud in terms of registration and actual voting, will meet for the first time this summer and present its findings in 2018.

Logan Churchwell, spokesman for the Public Interest Legal Foundation, a group that litigates to protect election integrity, said the most recent data from the Kansas interstate crosscheck program serves as a foundation for the commission.

"This is foundational data the Trump election integrity commission needs to assess how well voter rolls are being maintained for a society that is increasingly mobile," Churchwell told the Washington Free Beacon. "Academics and activists attacking this commission are accessories to fraud and mismanagement of voter rolls."


I liked the way those 2 women carried themselves and you know those House of Saud princes all had hard ons except the king( he's too old).

I do not say we should speak about Wahhabi Islam like I just did. That wouldn't help the situation as you say.

I say we should not associate with them like we do. It's just anti human decency to assist that crew like we have since 1947.
(05-22-2017, 03:17 PM)Palladin Wrote: John, I say we should not associate with them like we do. It's just anti human decency to assist that crew like we have since 1947.

Unfortunately, we cannot disassociate ourselves from them. All we can do is either get completely out of the Middle East, or remain involved because of Israel, And Iran. Like it or not, Israel is cementing a relationship with the Saudis which will stabilize their existence. And Iran is going to be a terribly huge problem IF they obtain nuclear devices.

This is a Catch 22 situation here.

So, Palladin, you cannot answer any of the obvious areas where you got Trump completely wrong, so you divert to inveighing about what a terrible society Saudi Arabia is. Why don't you spend any time denouncing Iran, or North Korea, or any other country that is really causing problems for all of humanity? There are rich individuals in Saudi Arabia that are financing terrorist groups; so it has to be significant that King Salman has officially come out with an open denunciation of such financing of terrorists. Why don't you have anything to say about the utter dishonesty and intolerance of those Progressive, brainwashed snowflakes on college campuses who keep reacting with their own form of McCarthyism against any speaker who is conservative? Can you honestly say that CNN commentators have ANYTHING right? Why don't you just become a communist, and denounce America just because it is a free country? You spend all your time denouncing everything you think is evil (whether it is true or not), to the extent that it appears that you have no idea what good really is. You don't really seem to believe in Good. So how can you believe in God?

If you were a plant breeder, you would wind up with a barren garden patch, because you would weed out everything. You would never get blue roses, or sweet almonds from bitter almonds, or sugar snap peas, or super sweet corn, or disease resistant tomatoes. All those things required patience to perfect, and faith that improvement was possible. In like manner, you have no way of appreciating the faith of our nation's founding fathers, who believed that they actually could produce "a more perfect union," by building on the philosophies of Democracy and Republicanism and the concept of rule by law rather than rule by men, that had been developing over the centuries. You don't understand how there can be progress. You do not see the abolition of slavery in this country as a victory; you just condemn America because slavery used to exist. You just don't get it. You don't get HOPE!
The Donald is also trying to promote 'School Choice' to the states through block grants to children who cannot afford such. As it is, it shouldn't interfere with the 10th Amendment. I'm using this link because it has two great links for interested readers to follow.

Trump’s school-choice plan to be released soon — and it looks like a game-changer
Quote:In creating a school-choice plan, the Trump administration must walk a fine line. Many Democrats will oppose any school-choice plan — largely because they receive significant financial and political support from powerful teachers unions — and some conservative Republicans will be very skeptical of any legislation that attempts to create a more significant role for the federal government in education, which they believe to be a state and local issue protected by the 10th Amendment.

If the Trump administration does roll out a plan with a $20 billion cap, it would be enough to provide 4 million children with $5,000 scholarships to use at other schools. Such a plan could help to radically transform the education landscape in states that seek to take advantage of the program and would force public schools to compete with nearby public schools of a higher quality and private schools, improving efficiency and educational quality.


Iran does not treat Jews and Christians like Saudi Arabia, that's why. Jews still live there and have since Nebuchadnezzar's era, are you not smart enough to figure out it's a better society than all the Arab states WE are allied with? Know of Jews in them?

Christians have lived there for millennia and do right now and FYI, a huge Christian revival is taking place right now in Iran. It is illegal in that putrid SA to possess a bible or build a church, but, since Uncle Sam says Iran is "disgusting" and therefore you say they're "disgusting".

The only reason you dislike Iran is they told us to fuck off in 1979, if that had not happened, you would love Iran like you do Saudi Arabia. You did love them under the Shah, remember Ron? Remember when the Uncle Sam Gospel told you to love Iran and you followed Sam right down the way didn't you? Just like you are now, right??
Palladin, you have forgotten the capture of American diplomats in their embassy, which was an act of war by all definitions. Iran continually calls for the destruction of the state of Israel (and America), and is building atom bombs and missiles to deliver them. You are the most ignorant and narrow-minded person I have ever debated. When you claim that Iran treats Jews and Christians with tolerance and respect, whose account are you going by? Who is supplying weapons and funds to the ISIS fighters who behead Christians? Don't say Saudi Arabia, because Saudi Arabia regards ISIS as its enemy.

If Iran mistreats their Jews, would you explain why they remain there for thousands of years now? I go with the account that Jews and Christians know best where to live and they choose to remain in Iran instead of emigrating to Israel or a state where more Christians live, want to explain how you know better than them what they should be doing?

Am I demonstrating ignorance in making these assumptions? Know of any Arab state we ally with where Jews are welcomed? There is no such thing.

Who arms ISIS? Beyond the USA, I'd say Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar originally did until they got out of control as well as stealing from the Iraq Army 2 years ago. Saudi Arabia funds them up to right now, one of Hillary's stolen emails discussed how we need to get them to stop. No exactly "opposing ISIS" as you say.

All Muslim states want Israel destroyed, Ron. That's part of their core theology, they cannot tolerate Jews ruling Muslims in what they consider an Islamic holy site. It's anathema to all of them. You can't just pick out Iran, they all feel that way. Those allied with us keep their hostility private and our Arab allies hate Jews, Iranians do not hate Jews.

They just hate Jews governing a former Islamic land called Israel. They would be fine with those Jews if those Jews left Israel and moved to X land, just not governing a former Islamic land. Arab Muslims hate Jews, period.

You believe putrid lies from Uncle Sam and you should grow up before you die. This nation is full of lies and you've been suckered your entire life. The very allies you like hate Israel and FYI have invaded Israel, Iran NEVER has.

More info on Trump's potential improprieties. I swear the guy wants to be impeached, IMO. He has to be devoid of Watergate knowledge not to know you can't do stuff like this:
Well, the spokesperson for the WWF champion from Montana sounds a whole lot like some here do to me anyway. It's good the Fox reporter was there and told the truth:
(05-25-2017, 03:11 PM)Palladin Wrote: ...sounds a whole lot like some here do to me anyway.
Nope, nobody here. Must be mirror-gazing.
Or just taking your world view that "media except for rightist sources that agree with your take 100% of the time is to blame for all our problems" at face value.

I had forgotten Trump suggested Cruz's dad murdered JFK. Just 1 more of his outrages. Trump is a perfect metaphor for who the USA is right now, full of ourselves in an unlimited way. Makes me believe God really does assign leaders the people deserve.

Preach it brother!

Well, some other than me see a petulant child in the office:
No, you didn't forget Trump mentioned the fake news that Cruz's father was seen with Lee Harvey Oswald.

Doesn't it make sense to you that everyone should vet sources? The Fake news is not doing that. There is only one logical reason that the fake news is 93% negative to Trump, while those who vet their sources are closer to 50-50. When Trump repeated that Cruz story, he had not yet understood the depths that the media can go to, to play politics of personal destruction.

I think that understanding is now thoroughly understood, except for apologists who have their own agenda. Try not to hold their coattails.
I'm starting to wonder why anyone still supports Trump beyond you've kinda put your ego on the line with him. What issues made you think a petulant anti virtuous buffoon that would shove a foreign leader to be seen more would please you with his leadership of this nation?

Whatever the issues were, they're getting few and far between that he is ruling like his campaign views indicated, here's the latest co opt:

There isn't much left for his total co-option by the in elected rulers of the nation. There's money to be made in this AGW nonsense, I knew he'd cave on that.

The face of America, Don Trump smiling. Exceptional nation.

Cut back on Muslims coming to America from states supplying terrorism? Forget about it. You William, are a sucker of epic proportions. Everyone who voted for Trump is. The best you can hope from his leadership is to cause misery for some poor Mexican families getting separated like southerners did slave families and it is not surprising the same people group is the most vociferous support system for Don Trump.

Ann Coulter is a ridiculous person, a slavish supporter of Trump and not as pleased as you are:

Could this be what Putin sees?

Poland's PM has character, wish our nation had a leader with a thimble full:

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