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What's going on in Tennessee?
No, the problem is you don't challenge the logic, but instead push out personal philosophical beliefs as more important than facts. You decried Winthrop and the concept of a "shining city on the hill" because of some monograph you read from some disaffected poster - not your idea, someone else's. You are rooted in an idea that the USA has turned bad and it is your duty to replicate Paul Revere and tell the people the bad guys are getting worse. The truth is that things change, Up and down, Cyclical. Even if there is good mixed in with the bad, you reject it all.

You can say what you like - but then you own it. Don't you dare accuse anyone of being out of line refuting your gloomy and wrong-headed preachments. Almost everyone here has pointed out to you that this one single country is the best there is - but you choose to bad-mouth it. Who is more likely to sway the unlearned? The speaker who uses honey or vinegar? You are the vinegar, my friend. Perhaps with the best of intentions - but Hell is paved with good intentions.

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