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Alpha Males
Theodore Kennedy,is a classic BETA male who was born rich, slept around with many women,drank himself to his death,getting ugly looking as hell in the process.The man who was a serial liar and hypocrite, attacking the innocent with threats. Murdered a woman with his willful recklessness and deliberately get away with it.

Bill Clinton,is a classic BETA male,who slept around,lies like hell,takes credit from others for success,give away secrets to enemies,Impeached and be convicted for perjury,twice. Trashed the White House when he left office,pardons criminals,surrounded by criminal friends.
(10-25-2016, 01:52 PM)sunsettommy Wrote: ...Alpha Male Characteristics

Agree with most of those characteristics, except maybe the last: "Do Not Try To Be Everyone’s Friend." An Alpha Male doesn't need to be every one's friend, because they are all trying to be his friend. It is charisma,

The most interesting combat is between Alpha males. There are more than one, y'know.

Those like Bill Clinton are Alpha Male wannabes. They have demons that drive them, but never control their own destiny. A true Alpha Male is not a sex addict or self-deluded pragmatist.

I am probably not an Alpha Male, myself, but have some of those characteristics - so I can see them in Trump. I guess I'm more of a polymath, Leonardo and Tesla have been my heroes, for years. Let's just call ourselves "Renaissance Men/Women" here in this forum.
All that stuff is simply a Layman's idea as to what he thinks it really is.  None of you, including Mr. Tommy, know the slightest thing about how all this relates to primate/hominid behavior.  Tommy knows climate change inside out, you know digital imaging inside out.  And I know hominids and primate behavior inside out.  I Am Telling You All That Trump Is NOT An Alpha Male.  He is an alpha male "wannna-be", and he's doing his best, as he envisions it, to become one.  But he isn't, and almost certainly never will be.  

That biologist in the video may not be the most adept at presentation, but he knows damned well what he is talking about. you still haven't even bothered to watch the video, have you Bill. That's right, you don't have to, because you know everything worth knowing.
“Conservatism is only as good as what it conserves.” - Friedrich von Hayek -
(10-11-2016, 11:44 PM)John L Wrote:
(10-11-2016, 11:29 PM)sunsettommy Wrote: Yawn....Zzzz....

 Great Movie Looks all real Alpha Male
(10-25-2016, 07:29 PM)John L Wrote: ...None of you, including Mr. Tommy, know the slightest thing about how all this relates to primate/hominid behavior.

John, You read too much into hominoid behavior as Alpha Male. I went beyond that in my studies of Philosophy and persuasion. It is possible to overcome instinctive behavior, and most true intelligent Alpha Males have that ability. Charisma is hard to define, but exists with most politicians and business leaders, defined by those who follow them. Charles Manson had Charisma, but he would never elicit my following. Bullies and Egoists may have followers, but usually this comes from their machinations more than from their personalities.

With Trump, you see a successful businessman, who has, and uses his confidence to bring others into his sphere of relationships. I've personally seen many Alpha Males, as a youth coach of the best leaders and athletes. Most of my best players were state champions in several sports, Like Tennis, or baseball, as well as with my teams. They also carried four-point averages. They had the natural ability and brains, as well as charisma to do whatever they chose to do. My own sons may have A++ personalities and can be a bear to put up with, but are the ideal people you would want on your side.

Trump does not climb trees - but he leads people to doing more than they could accomplish by themselves. It is synergistic - the whole being better than the sum of their parts. Sell him short if you want to, but expect to be constantly surprised by his successes.
Bill, please stick with what you know best: graphic manipulation. You don't know DICK about genetics and hominid development. So please quit trying to be Mr. Know-it-all, because you really don't know it all.

Just as there is a distinct difference between genotypic and phenotypic, there is also a distinct difference between instinctual and learned behaviour. You keep talking the later of the two, and don't have the faintest clue as to the former. Its GENES which make us what we are, and if you are not capable of understanding this, you never will.

Like I said, stick to what you really do know, and quit trying to act like an expert in what you don't.

“Conservatism is only as good as what it conserves.” - Friedrich von Hayek -
Like I've said, oh so many times, genetics and instinct can be trumped. I've seen the research which evidently , you have not.

Stop and realize: there is a distinct difference between genotypic and phenotypic, there is also a distinct difference between instinctual and learned behavior. But the end result is action that the human brain can and does control independently.

IOW: Jung trumps Freud
You guys have any opinion of the validity of this data?
Well, I can say one thing about this, since this is in the Alpha Male category.  I've always known that there is a form of electric stimuli going one regarding interaction with others, and especially with other animals.  

Take dogs for instance.  I have always been able to form an instant bond with dogs, even the aggressive kind.  Since I have never feared them, there seem at least two things that have played a part in this interaction.  First, the way I look at them.  I don't back down, or show any sign of fear toward them at all.  They immediately recognize that I am an Alpha Male, and Pack Leader.  They never attack and bite me.  

Also, I can actually feel some sort of electrical like stimulus between the dog and myself, almost like some form of emotional communication that links the two of us together.  They automatically know I am not afraid and they know that I am an "in charge" person.  

Once I was to meet a person at a junk yard, outside Knoxville.  I was looking for a part for my '51 Chevy pickup delux cab.  He had told me to just come in through the gate, even though they were closed at the time.  I got there, and entered the gate, and began looking for him.  Somehow, the guard dogs were not locked up, and when they saw me, they came charging me with blood in their eyes.  I stopped and just looked at them, never once showing fear, and they came to a screeching halt less than ten feet from me.  They sniffed around and then cautiously came to me and let me reach out to them.  They sniffed, started wagging their tails, and everything was like we knew each other.  I never had that happen before with guard dogs, but I knew that they would not be attacking me, because I had no fear.  

I've always been this way with dogs, since childhood, and never really knew exactly what was going on, but I could feel things when interacting with them.  Perhaps this is what the scientists are finally realizing.  Apparently its real, and not easy to know about, but some of us know this.  That is why I was so excited and interested about the Belgium fellow being charged by the gorilla, and never showing fear with it.  The gorilla realized this, and never followed through on his charge.  Had he shown the slightest bit of fear, the gorilla would have torn him, limb from limb.

Man Gets Charged By a Gorilla
“Conservatism is only as good as what it conserves.” - Friedrich von Hayek -
Maybe that explains the Dog Whisperer. Anyone else tries to do what he does usually falls short.

However, My professor for a class on the Philosophy of Persuasion made the point that most experiments on ESP have been proved wrong, because of outside the box happenstance. The most famous study on distant card-reading by twins was accepted universally by all psychiatrists and psychologists, until a magician looked at the data, made one little change, and blew the results out of the water. My professor noted that most mental researchers think in straight lines, and sometimes it takes someone operating differently, and thinking around corners, to solve some problems. At first, it was Blackstone, the famous magician and President of the Magician's Guild, who offered a check of $50,000 for any experiment which proved ESP. The psychiatrists separated people and relayed their choice of icons on cards. One person would look at a card, and another person far away would listen over TV or audio when a card was selected and say what card it was. After awhile the two would reach a point where the selections were better than random chance. Blackstone came in, looked at the setup, and put a sound-absorbing blanket up behind the selector. Suddenly the other one couldn't pick the right card any more. No more echos available. No check for $50,000 was ever turned over. All the supposed proofs were disproved

What Blackstone knew, and what the psyche types didn't. was that magicians use unconscious-cuing to do many mentalist tricks. Without the blanket, the receptor testee heard the rustle of fabric and other noises that telegraphed the images. I can't help but wonder if a good magician needs to check these emotion-to-change-reality tests?

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