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New SyFy shows on CW
CW premiered a new series Wed. night at 9 PM, Frequency.  Like the 2000 movie of the same name, a ham radio struck by lightning links two people separated by 20 years. In this series, a young woman is a police detective, and she contacts her dad--also a cop--who was killed 20 years ago. She clues him in to what is about to happen, and he survives, changing many things, and giving her a whole new set of memories, even while she retains her past memories of the way things were originally. In this case, one of the changes is that her mother becomes a victim of a serial killer instead of someone else, and now she must get her father in the past to prevent it from happening. I always loved this approach to cross-time entanglement, because unlike most time travel stories, the writers dare to change the present. I found this first episode to be very enjoyable. I wonder why it took so long for someone to get the idea of making a TV series using the idea that was used in the movie. Further episodes will also be at 9 PM on Wednesdays.

CW also has obtained the rights to Supergirl, so although it is not a new show, it is a new series for CW, continuing on where the first season left off on CBS last year. In other words, the series is moving from CBS to CW. It will premiere at 8 PM Monday Oct. 10. Promos show that this season Superman will also appear. The first season he was mostly absent, never showing his face. Apparently CW has been able to give the writers a little more latitude.
I guess I'll need to reprogram my auto-record feature. I don't think a show that crosses networks will record properly.

One thing about not seeing Superman's face is that it heightened Supergirl's presemce. Similarly to Charlie Brown's adults.
I always thought they were avoiding showing Superman's face to avoid detracting from the focus on Supergirl, for fear that Superman might take over the story. While Melissa Benoist is really cute, and pretty much owns the character of Supergirl, my lifetime number one Superhero was always Superman. So at least for me, the danger is there. It will be interesting to see just how the writers integrate Superman into the story.

There was an episode toward the end of last season, where some device was taking over the minds of people, and Supergirl for some reason was immune, but her cousin, Superman, was not. They showed Superman from a rooftop distance marching with other people in the mob in the street. This sort of exalted Supergirl over Superman, at least on that one occasion.
Supergirl season two premier was interesting and rather daring. Superman was integrated as a main character right along with Supergirl. The challenge for the writers now will be keeping Superman from taking over the series story line.

Two things I did not like about this episode was the disparaging statement by Cat (after Kara pointed out that Miss Tessmacher graduated from Yale) that "George Bush did, too." The second was the off-hand reference to the president as being a "she." Horrors if they are contemplating Hillary as president. But it could be they are just continuing the affirmation of powerful women, which is a basic theme of the show.
Monday's episode of Supergirl had a pleasant surprise. The role of the U.S. president was played by Lynda Carter, a.k.a. Wonder Woman. Didn't look anything like Hillary. Also, in the closing scene, as the president was walking away (toward the camera), her eyes did something weird, that indicated she must be an alien. No wonder she signed the alien amnesty bill! But the bad aliens demonstrated that there needs to be some vetting of the aliens. These writers are having fun!  S5


.jpg   LyndaCarterOnSupergirl2.jpg (Size: 12.69 KB / Downloads: 8)
Yeah, Lynda Carter is still beautiful. The writers, however, seem to be bordering on Progressive obsession. I counted at least six obvious lines that are inside jokes to the Hillary crowd. Nothing is topical because the show was made awhile ago, but they were quite pointed. That does not, by any means, include that great line, "You should see my other plane!" C'mon - you can't see it because it is invisible.

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